Adventures in Hollywood

Marcus’ best friend’s wedding wasn’t the only fun we had while in California. My sister and her boyfriend drove up from San Diego on Sunday to spend the day with us. Kelly’s boyfriend, Mike was our LA tour guide. He knew a lot of fun facts and drove around the crazy LA traffic like a pro.

Our first tourist spot….Hollywood of course!

As I mentioned before, Marcus and I have been to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, so we wanted to see something new. Once we got to Hollywood, we parked and exited the garage through the Kodak Theatre. This was super cool because the Kodak Theatre is a mega famous venue for award shows and premiers.

Once we got out into the sidewalk, it was a little overwhelming. Everywhere we looked we saw characters, people dressed as actors, street performers, tourists, homeless people, people trying to sell you stuff…even Captain Jack Sparrow!

Once we fought through the crowds, we stopped for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. I know it’s kind of lame to eat at a chain restaurant when traveling but we were starving and it was delish, so I don’t regret the decision.

Once we were nice and full, we braved the crowd again and headed to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

It was super cool to walk around and see all the handprints and signatures of stars. Marcus, Kelly, Mike and I walked all around and would yell out to each other whenever we saw someone particularly noteworthy.

My favorite was the Harry Potter square which along with the hand prints also had their wands. The super nerd in me geeked out a little, ok a lot.  

Marcus found that his hands and feet are exactly the same size as Will Smith’s.

Mike found his favorite  – Meryl Streep.

Marilyn Monroe’s square was really old-looking and worn down. I imagine that thousands of people have touched it and walked on it over the years. Epic.

After we got our fill of the handprints and the crazies, we bought some souvenirs and decided to leave Hollywood and head to our next tourist spot for more photo opps.

Hollywood was awesome and amazing to see in person, but I was a little disappointed. Let me tell you, they clean that area up A LOT for TV. In real life, it looks a little run down, a little gimmicky, kind of seedy and dirty. I think people have taken too far to try and make a buck off of tourists. It was a little sad because I can only imagine all the movie history that those streets hold and it is not preserved at all.

Moving on! Mike thought that we would love the Griffith Observatory, so he took us there. And it was awesome! We walked up a loooong hill and were greeted with the observatory and an awesome view of LA.

We got to see the Hollywood sign really close.

As we walked around we had this crazy view of LA, Santa Monica and other cities (we also had a good view of the pollution haze as well…ew).

It was super cool to be able to walk around the hills and the observatory. Lots of movies have been filmed there, including Rebel Without a Cause. Epic again.

After all of our walking and exploring, we were pretty worn out. So Kelly and Mike took us back to the resort. It was a great day. We got to see more famous sites and I got to see my sister which is always a treat. 🙂

I LOVE California. Sometimes I think I would like to live out there. But once we touched down in VA, I was happy to be home. Cali is fun, but VA is where my heart is. 🙂

Have a good one!!


One response to “Adventures in Hollywood

  1. It was so wonderful to see you! I am so happy that you guys had time to hangout while you were here. You and Marcus are the cutest engaged couple ever. I can’t wait to see you again. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Love, Kelly

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