I’m Going Back To Cali

As I have mentioned before, Marcus and I are headed to California in the morning for his best friend’s wedding.

We love California. I’ve been twice in the past few years; this will be my third trip. I love the relaxed, beachy feel of California (at least the places I’ve visited). The West and East coast are truly different places. Even though I have only visited a few times, I feel like California has a little piece of my heart.

The first time I went was with Marcus for a week. I was sent to San Diego for a work conference and Marcus got to come along. It was my first time in an airplane (except for when I went sky diving), so I was reallly excited.

Everything about that week was magical. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel on the bay.

We made the drive to Los Angeles and visited the infamous Rodeo Drive.

Then we stopped by Santa Monica for lunch and fun at the pier.

Kim and Ellen were our tour guides and also the bride and groom this weekend. 🙂

We also went to La Jolla where I fell in love with the seals.

We toured the Midway and saw this amazing statue that I instantly fell in love with.

I also got to spend some good quality time with my sister.

The week ended too quickly. I didn’t want to leave and couldn’t wait to get back.

A year later, mom and I went back to visit my sis in San Diego.

We stayed on the bay again since it’s so beautiful and has lots of great stuff in walking distance.

We went to Coronado.

We surfed at Pacific Beach and had fish tacos.

We experienced some Mexican culture in Old Town.

We saw the statue again, and it was just as amazing a year later.

This trip was just as fun-filled as the first. Being so close to the water in a beautiful city with my mom and sister made for the perfect weekend.

This time, Marcus and I are going to the LA area. We are both so excited for the wedding and visit with my sis and her bf. We have lots of fun stuff planned. So I know it’ll be another unforgettable California visit.

See ya from the West coast!! 😀


2 responses to “I’m Going Back To Cali

  1. I love Olde Towne and the West Coas! Enjoy your stay!

  2. Welcome to LA! I hope you enjoy your stay in this town, and if you need the name of great place to eat, just let me know! Have a great trip!

    Kelly M.

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