The Land o Blogs

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while. Looks like Janetha and Julie were on the same wavelength, because last week they both posted about how they started reading “healthy living” blogs.

Here’s my story…

First of all…I’ve been reading blogs for years. I started by reading celebrity gossip and fashion blogs. My all-time favorite celeb blog is DListed. I read it religiously. Michael K makes me laugh out loud every single day.  I read his blog and similar ones for a long time without really thinking about other types of blogs. I was blissfully unaware in my bubble of trashtastic celeb news.

Last year, I started tracking my calorie intake on Calorie Count. I felt like my eating habits were kind of out of control and I needed to get things back in check. While I was on Calorie Count, I would read the forums. Someone posted Kath‘s tribute to oatmeal in the forum and my life was forever changed. *Sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

After checking out all of Kath’s amazing and beautiful pictures, I not only realized how awesome and versatile oatmeal is, but I was also introduced to the land of healthy living blogs.

From her blog I found others like Carrots N Cake, Peas and Thank You, Daily Garnish, Edible Perspective and Healthy Tipping Point.

It was like I discovered a whole new world. I spent hours clicking through recipes, reading about training runs, laughing at the craziness of these people’s lives. I had no idea who they were, but they inspired me and kept me entertained.

From one blog, I would always find another. Some of the ladies talked mostly about food, other’s more about working out. Some posted about their families and other’s took beautiful pictures.

My list of “favorites” grew and grew. I would wake up in the morning and feel inspired and enlightened. From blogs I learned about everything from clean eating, to interval training, to races, to money, to relationships, to photography.

No blog was the same. Each one offered a nugget of insight, words of wisdom, or just a much needed laugh.

I soon found blogs for my other interests. I found blogs about interior decorating, blogs about pets, even mom blogs. And I found that I loved them all.

Now a days my list of favorites is huge and my interests greatly vary. I literally discover at least 3 new blogs a week to add to my “Favorites” folder on my computer.

There is just something so addicting about reading someone’s raw and unedited words. Blogs don’t follow a format. They aren’t picked apart by an editor first, or always polished. Blogs posts are kind of like journal entries, snippets of life captured forever in cyber space for all the world to see.

I think that is what I like most about reading blogs and writing my own. Blogs are in the moment. They capture an awesome meal, a beautiful flower, a rough day, an energizing run, a passionate opinion.

I prefer reading blogs to articles any day. I love reading about other people’s lives and point of view on a certain subject. The best part of my morning routine is when I go through my list and update myself on my favorite blogs. It’s relaxing, entertaining and fun.

I highly recommend blog reading. Check out my Favorites for a fab list of blogs for all kinds of interests.

Do you read blogs? Which ones are your favorites?

Have a good one! 😀


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