Hurricane Party

Since it appeared that Irene was just going to bring our area lots of rain and wind, we decided to celebrate and have a hurricane party.

Actually, it was intended to be a draft party for fantasy football, but the hurricane gave us an even better excuse to get together. While people were frantically flocking the stores for batteries and water, we were gearing up for a fun night with friends and Irene. 

To have a fun hurricane party, first you gotta buy hurricane-themed drinks…

Then you have to order pizza…

Then you need to stock the fridge…

Then you have you pose for pics with your friends…

And when it gets nice and windy and rainy out, you have to go play outside….

I’d say it was a successful hurricane party. The electricity stayed on. And Irene didn’t blow us away. Good times all around!

Did anyone else have a hurricane party? Are we the only crazies out there?

Have a fab one!! 🙂 


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