A Tough Decision

I have a half marathon this weekend…surprised are ya? Yea…I know. Usually the days leading up to a race I’m excited, nervous, ready to run. I talk about playlists, plans and running gear.

Not this time. As you may remember, back in May I posted my race schedule. After taking a little break from race training in June, my plan was to kick it back up and be prepared for a hot and hilly race in August – the Patrick Henry Half Marathon.

Well, that didn’t quite work out. I signed up for the race and just never really got into the swing of things. Sure, I went for runs, continued to work out, etc. But my heart wasn’t in it. I think I was a little burned out. Not just from running, but from being go go go all the time.

Then suddenly it became harder to run, harder to breathe and I was stuffy 24/7. You all know that story…allergy induced asthma

Because I couldn’t run longer than a few miles at a time, my training suffered and my body just felt weak. My longest training run was four miles, 2 weeks ago. And while I like to think that my mental toughness can carry me, 4 miles is way too short of a distance when half marathon training.

So I made a tough decision this week. I am not running the Patrick Henry Half. I am just not ready. Not physically or mentally. I have felt unprepared for a race before but never this much.

Also, my lungs just can’t hang right now. Until I get this asthma issue under control and the bronchitis out of my system, my workouts will be modified. I can’t imagine having to run 13.1 miles in the heat and humidity with my lungs feeling so bad.

As much as I am trying to tell myself all this, I still feel pretty crappy. I am not a quitter. I don’t care how hard it is. Once I put my mind to something, I always finish. So this is a tough decision and one that is really having an effect on the ol’ self esteem.

I know it’s the best decision right now, but it doesn’t make it easy. So that’s one less half marathon I will be running this year. I have 3 more races on the list, between September and November. Hopefully, I can get back into gear and get healthy. I love racing and need to have those goals back in my life.

My ONLY little glimmer of hope for this race is maybe Hurricane Irene will just be too insane this weekend and the race will get postponed. Then I will have time to heal up and prepare. It’s a small chance, but it could happen.

So yea…been kind of a rough week. Not terrible but a little difficult. I guess that’s life. You just gotta keep on keepin on, right?

But I have LOTS of things to look forward to, so all will be well soon enough. Have a good one and watch out for Hurricane Irene!!

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3 responses to “A Tough Decision

  1. I would bet that the race will be canc’ed.

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