An Allergy Update

Sooo yesterday, I told y’all I wasn’t feeling too well. As the day progressed my wheezing and coughing went from bad to worse…

It got to the point that I could. not. stop. coughing. It was relentless. My chest hurt. I couldn’t take a complete breath. I was miserable.

Finally, at about 11:30 pm, I asked Marcus to take me to the ER. I hate going to the ER, mainly because I don’t like to feel like a wimp. But honestly, I couldn’t handle it.

After a typical, excruciatingly long wait, we were called in. The doc listened to my chest and automatically ruled it as asthma. I had a stint of sports induced asthma when I was younger, but assumed that I outgrew it. Chest x-rays ruled out pneumonia.

I was given a breathing treatment of two medicines through a tube. I took deep breaths through the tube for about 30 minutes straight. The respiratory specialist determined that my allergies to Bill brought on the asthma. She frankly told me I would have to get rid of my baby. 😦

I was already a little emotional because I wasn’t feeling well. Plus the meds were making me feel crazy (shaky and chilly), so this random woman telling me I had to part with Bill just made me feel insane.

The doc also determined that there was some bronchitis at work in there too. So he gave me an inhaler and a prescription for a steroid to decrease the inflammation in my lungs.

Finally, after 3 hours we could go home. I was able to take my first complete breath in 2 days, thanks to the breathing treatment. It was painful and glorious.

I had an appointment set for today with an allergy doc. So I took the day off work to sleep and relax then went to my appointment.

The doc gave me an asthma test – more breathing into a tube. He also wanted to allergy test me for all inhalants – grass, trees, mold, mites, cats and dogs.

I had three rows of liquid dots going down each arm. Each dot represented a different allergen. Almost immediately my skin got red and swollen at each site. I had 6 rows of puffy, itchy red dots between both arms. She then gave me a shot under the skin in my bicep to re-test for mold.

Turns out, I am allergic to it all. You name an environmental allergen and I’m allergic. This is good because it’s not just Bill affecting me. It’s also bad because I can’t live in a bubble. I will always be exposed to these things.

My doc did not tell me to get rid of Bill. (Horray!) He was very understanding of the love for your pet. He recommended we bath Bill frequently to reduce the dander, buy an air filter fan for the bedroom, and take meds/shots.

He gave me nose spray and an inhaler (that’s now 2 inhalers). I also need to get 2 allergy shots every week. I also have allergy induced asthma. But it can be controlled if I can get my allergies in check.

He took his time with me. I was there for about an hour. He really made sure to explain things to me, and make sure I understood everything he was saying.

I always knew I had allergies. I was just never tested. I just usually popped Allegra and squirted Affrin in my nose. I know Bill definitely made it worse. But the allergies were always there.

These past few days have been crazy. I feel like Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle – a wheezy, allergic mess.

I do feel better knowing that I have the tools to help make things more normal. I love Bill and would never give him up. So I will do anything it takes in order to live normally with him.

Hopefully, after a few rounds of shots and a few weeks of meds, I will notice a difference.

Lesson I learned – Don’t be too proud. If your body is reacting weirdly or differently…go to a doc. Waiting will usually make it worse.  Time to puff my inhaler and snuggle with my hairy cat. 😉

Thanks for reading…have a fab one! 🙂




5 responses to “An Allergy Update

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  3. Random comment alert: I totally just found your blog through Eden’s blog.

    Your Bill looks like my Osito! I’m glad you didn’t have to give him up and that your doctor was compassionate enough to understand that. ❤

    I hope you get your health issues sorted out; good luck! 🙂

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