Happy Birthday Mom!

As I get older, I see myself picking up more and more of my mom’s qualities. Mom is the type of person who puts her family first. She always sees to it that there is dinner cooked, lunches packed and laundry folded. I used to sit back and wonder, why is she working so hard? We are all capable of picking up after ourselves, doing our own laundry, etc. Why does she stress if there’s nothing to make for dinner? We can just eat cereal!

As a soon to be wife and one day, a mother, I am starting to better understand the will and desire to take care of your family. And while my mom always instilled it in me to be independent and strong, she also showed me the unconditional love and devotion that someone can have for their kids and husband.

Another thing my mom did, was make our birthdays special. From the second we woke up to the second we went to sleep, our days were unforgettable. We would often wake up to decorations. The decorations spanned from our bedroom doors, to the dining room table, to our cars (once we could drive).

Mom always did something different every year. Going to bed the night before our birthdays felt like Christmas Eve. What awesome decorations, cake and presents am I going to have this year?

As we got older, mom didn’t let the tradition fade. I had luau themed decorations and a portrait cake for my 21st. birthday.

A pirate themed 22nd birthday.

A colorful 23rd birthday.

A surprise at work, 24th birthday.

After I moved out and started living with Marcus, I thought the decorations and surprises would end. But like the crazy little sneak that she is, mom came by our house while we were at work and decorated our dining room with birthday goodies! Imagine my surprise when I got home and saw Harry Potter decorations, homemade cupcakes and presents. What a great 25th birthday!

Never wanting mom to feel left out, I attempted to create similar birthday memories for her.

And even though I tried hard…my decorations and homemade cakes never quite had that special mom touch. She’s just one of a kind.

We are all very lucky to have my mom. I hope that I can be half the mom that she was to me and Tyler, and create the same kinds of special birthdays for my own kids.

Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope we make your day as awesome as you make all of our’s! Love you!!  😀


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Thank you so much for such wonderful words, I am teary eyed. You all make it special for me just by being! I love you and always want each day special for you.

  2. Terri Hawthorne

    Yes we are all lucky to have her. She is one special lady and an inspiration to me always. Happy Birthday my friend !!!

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