I’m Loving It IV

Since I never get tired of telling y’all about the things I am diggin these days, there is another “I’m Loving It” post.

Watch the Throne – This is Jay Z and Kanye West’s new collaboration album. I am a big lover of hip-hop and music in general. I listen to music all day while I’m at work. Jay Z is my favorite hip-hop artist of all time, so I love pretty much everything he puts out. From Reasonable Doubt to Blueprint 3, Jay has always amazed and entertained me with his music.

I think this album is original and smart. Jay still has his flow, after all these years. I liked Kanye in the early days when he was still grateful and humble. Now a days his ego gets in the way, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is an amazing producer and I think he can hold his own, lyrically against Jay Z.

This album definitely puts better rap music out there – music that tells a story, lyrics that make sense, and beats that make you bob your head. Watch the Throne is worth the download.

Peas and Thank You – From hip-hop to healthy eating…I am a woman of many interests. I talked briefly about my new purchase yesterday. This cook book is awesome because it is more than just “recipeas” – it’s Mama Pea and her adorable Pea family, it’s funny stories, it’s life lessons, it’s helpful tips, it’s amazing pictures and it’s also delish food!

The Pirates – Last night, Marcus’ baseball team, the Pirates won the DCMSBL championship (don’t ask me what DCMSBL means!) All summer, I have had the pleasure of watching these guys play. They pulled out an amazing and exciting victory last night. They played with all heart and it was awesome. Congrats guys! Can’t wait for next season! 🙂

Wicked/Georgetown – This weekend mom and I are finally going to see Wicked!! I have been excited about this show for months! It will be our first Broadway show. We are staying the night in Georgetown. We will take lots of pics, go out to eat and stay in a nice hotel. In the morning, we will head to the Kennedy Center to see the show!!

So many great things to be happy about! What are YOU loving today?

Have a wonderful day! 😀

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One response to “I’m Loving It IV

  1. Except for the hip-hop I love all this too!!!

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