Snakes on the Patio

Ok, the name of this post is misleading…there were no snakes on the patio, but there was a snake on the patio.

But before I get to that, let’s recap last night’s supper. First, when I got home, I was happy to find THIS in the mail…

Mama Pea‘s cook book – Peas and Thank You – Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love.

I immediately brought it into the kitchen and browsed the beautiful pages while I was cooking. The book is like Mama Pea’s blog brought to life – funny, smart and full of awesome food.

Now, onto supper…I began by pressing some extra firm tofu for me.

Then I washed and cut potatoes for roasting. I LOVE these purple potatoes that come in the Trader Joe’s potato medley. I love when veggies are different colors. Very cool.

I also love that TJ’s now sells kale. I was buying HUGE bags of kale from Safeway (because it was all I could find in stores). Even thought we love kale, it was just way too much for two people to eat, so I usually had to throw some out. These bags are smaller, and more manageable for two people. Can’t go wrong with kale chips!

Bill, acted as my sous chef. Aka, he ran around the kitchen attacking paper towels…

Marcus tried this new beer I bought from TJ’s – Fat Weasel Ale. It was 7% which is pretty strong for a beer. He wasn’t a huge fan, but I thought it was pretty tasty.

Marcus grilled some organic dogs and brats for him and his bro.

Then we sat outside and enjoyed our supper.

As we were finishing up, Marcus’ bro spotted a little snake poking his head out from underneath our house.

He looked pretty cute and harmless at first. But as he came out he body became longer and fatter.

He seemed pretty scared initially, but then got bold and made his way towards our patio.

Bill was crying through the screen because we were all outside, and the snake was heading right for the screen door.

We didn’t want to kill him, but definitely didn’t want him to get any closer to the house, so Marcus sprayed some wasp killer in his direction (not at him, just near him) and that seemed to scare him away.

I texted some pics to my dad and he thinks it was an indigo snake – not poisonous but can cause some damage if it bites you.

So that was our excitement for the night. It’s a jungle out there. I tell ya! 😉

Have a fab one! 😀


4 responses to “Snakes on the Patio

  1. Some random person

    Them dogs need to be admitted to the burn unit.

  2. I’ll give him some lessons! I taught Gary how to grill! 🙂

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