Do Other Runners Motivate You?

I woke up at 6am Saturday morning to run. This wasn’t hard considering I had a furry kitten meowing in my face wanting breakfast. What was hard, was not returning to bed after I fed Bill. But since I planned on running early to beat the heat, I knew I had to get my butt into gear.

As I drove to the George Washington Parkway from my house I had to fight the voices that told me to cut my run short, or just head to the track. See, running doesn’t come super easy to me. I am not one of those people who NEED to run. I love it once I’m doing it, but talking myself into a decent run takes work.

The GW Parkway trail is pretty hilly. Also even though it was early, it was already super humid out. But the stronger side of me realized that a) I have been slacking on my running, b) I have a half marathon in a few weeks, c) I will feel awesome after my run is finished. So run I did.

As I was running, I saw a few things. First of all, there were tons of people out. It was about 7:30 on Saturday morning, but that didn’t matter. I saw people of all shapes, sizes, ages and physical conditions.  

I saw tall, lanky men sprinting by me, shirtless. I saw couples jogging and talking. I saw people running with their dogs in tow. I saw groups running in tight, speedy clusters. And you know what…it was motivating.

Suddenly, my mind shut up, and my legs carried my body up and down the trail. My muscles loosened up after the first mile, my breathing began to steady, and I found it…the zone. The zone is that magical place your mind goes when you are running. A place where you don’t notice what mile you are on, how hot it is or how tired you are. The zone is what keeps me coming back for more. Because when you are in the zone, running is fun.

I credit my fellow runners for a successful run on Saturday. Without them, I would have ran a little slower, and for a shorter time.  

That is one of my favorite parts about running races…the people. I have pretty much seen it all in my short running career.

I have seen elite runners who run so fast that they finish the race, just as the slow folks (me) are beginning.

I have seen blind runners.

I have runners in costume. 

I’ve seen a running Yogi Bear.

I’ve seen runners with artificial legs…

and runners in their boots and utes.

I have seen pregnant runners, kid runners, old runners and runners who do it for their country.

And that’s the awesome and motivating thing about running…anyone can do it. All you need are shoes and a trail/road/track. And that is why I keep doing it. Because I can come up with a million excuses not to run, but once I am out on the trail with my fellow runners, all those excuses melt away and I am just happy to be there.


What motivates you to run? Does running come easy to you?

Have a fab Monday! 😀


2 responses to “Do Other Runners Motivate You?

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Are you running the Rock n Roll VB half again this year? (I recognize your bib # and the surf shop!). My pregnant butt will be out there running too. I runner high is so contagious during a race. I love that every runner has a story on race day – battles to conquer, reasons for being there, etc. It definitely keeps me going.

    • Thanks for the comment! 🙂 I will be at a wedding in Cali during the Rock and Roll half. I am SO bummed to miss it! But it is def a race I want to run again, so I will run it next year! That’s awesome that you are going to run it pregnant. I hope I’m a pregnant runner, one day! 🙂

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