Flashback Friday – When in Vegas

Some of my fave bloggers do a thing on Fridays called, “Flashback Friday.” Since I have nothing better to do then talk about myself, I thought I’d partake in the fun.

Marcus has been to Vegas twice in the last couple of years – both times for bachelor parties. I myself, have never been. So I always figure while he’s gambling, drinking and doing God knows what else…I may as well have my fun too.

Which is why some of my funnest (yes, funnest) weekends have been when he is away in Vegas. He may be staying in pimp suites and playing Blackjack until 5am, but I guarantee that my weekends trump his. 😉

Flashback to the first time he ever went to Vegas. Not wanting to stay in our house alone, I invited like 8 of my girls over to spend the weekend with me.

There were 40’s…which taste like warm pennies, gross.

A dance we invented called the double dutch…

Stalking the Real World, DC cast at their house…

Drinks and dancing in Arlington…

And fancy cupcakes.

Doesn’t get much better than that!

Flashback to May. Marcus went back to Vegas for bachelor party number two. While I would have LOVED to have had another girls weekend, I had my 5th half marathon to run.

So while the weekend was not filled with booze and dancing, it was full of running and awesome accomplishments.

There was lots of fro yo…

Lots of time with my bestie, Sam…


Drew Carey…

And my 5th race medal!

So go on back to Vegas, Marcus…perhaps for YOUR bachelor party. 😉

I’ll be busy dancing on tables and running races. 😀

What a good flashback Friday. I love looking back on old pics – it makes me smile. 🙂

Have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend!!


One response to “Flashback Friday – When in Vegas

  1. Love this!!

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