Dinner and Jams

First things first, how flippin cute is Bill? Marcus’ nephew was at our house during the day while we were at work, so Bill had a playmate. Looks like he got a little worn out from reading. 😉

Since Marcus’ brother and nephew were having dinner with us, my usual meal planning went from 2 people to 4. No worries though. I had plenty of tilapia and lots of veggies to cook.

I originally planned to make mini baked potatoes, but I guess my taters went bad while we were on vacay. I honestly didn’t know potatoes could rot. I just though that they grew eyes which can be washed and plucked off. Not these babies. I wanted so bad to serve potatoes, but they smelled like ass. And no one likes ass taters.

So, Trader Joe’s garlic fries it was! Along with the fries, I also roasted some broccoli.

For myself, I sautĂ©ed some sprouted tofu with onions in olive oil. *Side note* I used to DESPISE onions when I was younger. I would BEG my mom not to add it to our food. She said onions gave the food flavor. Mom was right of course. I can’t imagine cooking without onions. Sorry mom!

The boys had tilapia and onions, fries, broccoli and biscuits.

While I was cooking, Bill kept trying to jump on the counter, so he was banished to chair jail. That lasted about 2 seconds before he realized that he could just hop over the back of the chair and still make it to the counter.

In other news, I can’t stop listening to Big Sean’s new album, Finally Famous. I love discovering new music to download. This album will be on repeat all day.

What new jams are you listening to?

Have a good one! 😀


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