Donde Esta July?

Where is July? I know I’m late, but helllllo its August. How insane is that? Why is 2011 flying by?

It’s August and officially the last full month of summer…mega sad face :(. I don’t even want to think about it. Since I can’t let those dreamy days of July go, I thought I’d do a little monthly recap.

Here are some of my July highlights!

There’s Nothing Better – Marcus and I cruised down to the lake for the 4th of July and proceeded to have one of the best weekends of the summer – suntanned, tipsy, and surrounded by my favorite people…it’s the only way I want to be. 

USMC – My brother was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps. It was one of the most memorable and emotional days of my life. My brother made me so proud that day. I am so excited for his future and know he will do big things!

Potter Head – Mom and I went to the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II. It was a great movie. But more than that, it was the end of an era. After 10+ years of reading and watching Harry Potter, I was beyond sad to see it end.

Take Two – I got called back for a second mammogram and ultrasound on my left breast, after having my first-ever mammogram. After almost a month of appointments, exams, tests, and screenings, I was worn out, tired, and scared. Being BRCA 1 positive really made its impact on me this month. I am lucky to be healthy, but it definitely took a toll on me emotionally.

I went to the beach for the week, and unfortunately didn’t have good enough internet to update the blog. I have yet to write a recap post of the beach (bad blogger!). But it was amazing, relaxing, fun and hot!

The Proposal – I’m saving the best for last…..I got engaged!! This post was written in August, but I got engaged in July, so it counts. *Sigh* Can I just go back and relive the moment 100 more times?! I have officially been engaged for one week and I love it. I highly recommend it. Everyone should get engaged. 😉

Wow, July was a (mostly) fab month! It was fun to look back. I don’t know if it can be topped, but I have a feeling August will give July a run for its money…

I am looking forward to…seeing Wicked with mom for her birthday, running in my 6th half marathon, and spending lots of time with my fiance and my Bill. 🙂

And before I forget….HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend and jammy jam, Lu. Love you, boo and can’t wait to celebrate! 😀

Have a fab one!! 😀


One response to “Donde Esta July?

  1. You’ve had an exciting month!

    Congrats on your engagement!!! It’s so fun to say “fiance” 😉

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