I have beach-itis…

Yes, I just made up a word. It’s similar to senioritis. Why the hyphen you ask? Because when I goggled beachitis (to see if it existed), I came up with beach tits as the results. While I am sure beach tits are awesome, I’ll keep it PG. Plus I’ve talked about boobs enough lately.

So beach-itis it is. What is beach-itis? It’s those last few days of real life that you have to endure before one glorious week of beach living. Time is literally standing still right now, and it’s driving me mental.

Since I can’t focus long enough to form a legit thought, you are getting a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Currently, I am typing with one eye. My left contact won’t work for the life of me, so I had to take it out. Probably because Bill spent last night curled up under my face. Therefore, I am One Eyed Willy. *Goonies, anyone?


I created a Twitter account! I blame this on my beach-itis and inability to do actual work today. Follow me. Sometimes I’m funny and interesting. 🙂

Bill had a vet visit last night. He had to get a shot. Poor baby. 😦 But he did SO good, even when the thermometer was stuck up his bum.

We then took him to mom and dad’s house to play with Sookie.

And he met Buster for the first time. My 3 pound kitten turned into a hissing, charging Tom cat. Hilarious, especially since Buster is a 70 pound furry monster.

This commercial is awesome. Props to the marketing team came up with this gem.

Jersey Shore is returning soon. My life is complete.

 I’m hungry…that is all.

Happy Thursday, friends. Bring on the weekend!! 😀


One response to “Beach-itis

  1. LOL! I love this!!

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