Take Two

Remember Monday when I said I hoped I was finished with the doctor and all these exams for a while? Well, looks like I spoke too soon. Yesterday, I got the dreaded call back.

I assumed that I was in the clear after my mammogram last Friday, but apparently there was more to be seen of my left breast. I made the appointment for yet another mammogram and tried to keep my cool.

Lots of women get called back for more pictures. It’s not uncommon. Sometimes the radiologist sees a shadow, or maybe the breast tissue is too dense and they need a different angle. Whatever the case may be, there could be lots of things seen on a mammogram that are totally harmless. So my thoughts did not jump to cancer.

I was just anxious and not looking forward to having another mammogram so soon.

Well, I just got back and I am happy to report that everything is a-ok! See, here’s the proof.

It says, “Your mammogram/ultrasound is normal without evidence of cancer.”

The extra mammogram on the left boob was just as painful as the first time. But over quickly. Then I got called back again for an ultrasound on the same breast. This definitely sent my heart rate up a little, because I didn’t know what was causing all the concern.

After the radiologist took a look at both my mammogram pictures and ultrasound pictures, she said everything looked fine and recommended I get an MRI in 6 months and another mammo in a year – which is what my oncologist wanted me to do anyways.

Sigh of relief! Women my age have really dense breast tissue, which is what make mammograms so hard to read at times. The technician told me that it could take them years to get used to what looks normal for my breasts.

I am just glad that they were thorough and called me back even though it turned out to be nothing. I cannot praise the Fairfax Radiology staff  enough for making all these uncomfortable exams a little more bearable.

Ok, so now I can officially go on vacation and not be worried about my lady lumps. I’m ready for a whole lot of this….


6 responses to “Take Two

  1. Breast cancer is scary. I have to give you a HUGE high five for being so proactive with your health!!!! I worked in a breast cancer center and so many woman ignore the Very Real possibility that they are likely to get breast cancer because they are in denial! As you already know, all these check ups and appointments so much easier than chemo and radiation! You are an awesome example to live by 🙂

    • You’re right…it IS scary. But I’d rather have 1,000 mammograms and tests and be proactive than just sit around and get cancer. So it’s worth it! 🙂

  2. Praise the Lord all is well. I admire your strength and positive attitude! That is key in so many things we face in life. Love you!

  3. Glad your lady lumps are ok!! As far as vaca goes…have tons of fun (I just got back and I miss it like crazy!) And don’t forget the spf 50! I was good all week and missed one day and got sun poisoning 😦 but it’s better now 🙂 Love you jam!

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