A BRCA Update

I updated you guys last week about the status of all my appointments and exams following my positive BRCA 1 results. Well, since then I have had my first ever mammogram and transvaginal ultrasound…yes, they were about as fun as they sound.

Even though both exams were mad uncomfortable and a pain in the butt, I am finished with my first round of testing, and hopefully good to go until January.

I had my mammogram last Friday. The National Cancer Institute recommends that women 40 and older get a mammogram every 1 to 2 years. I am 25, so I was by far the youngest person in the waiting room. When I made my appointment, the person I talked to decided to change my mammogram from a screening to diagnostic, meaning more pictures would be taken…just in case. Since I have a family history of breast cancer, she thought it would be a good idea.

Once I was called back, I walked into a huge, comfortable waiting room filled with dressing rooms, nice chairs, and women all sitting around in gowns reading magazines. I was given a gown and told to get undressed from the waist up. My name was called quickly and I was shown into an exam room with an x-ray type machine.

My technician asked why I was being seen at such a young age, and I explained to her about my positive BRCA 1 results and my increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer. She got this look on her face and said, “how scary for you.” I’m sure she was trying to be sympathetic. All I could say was, “yeah…it is.”

I took off my gown and she maneuvered me into the machine. She was trying to be gentle and was very nice, but there is honestly only one way to maneuver a boob into a clamp…and that’s with some force. Also, clamping your boob into place is pretty much the worse feeling ever. Thankfully, she was very quick and in just a few minutes, both boobs were nice and photographed.

Check…mammogram done! Then I had the rest of the day off. So I took my sore boobs home and hung out with my furry little man. 🙂

This morning, I had a transvaginal ultrasound. I was instructed to have a full bladder before my exam. Anyone who knows me knows that I pee A LOT! So my bladder was nice and full when it was time for the exam.

This time, I was instructed to undress from the waist down and given a gown. First, the technician rubbed the gel on below my belly button, pressed a little instrument on my stomach, and looked at my uterus that way. This was the same as an ultrasound for a preggo woman. She showed me my bladder – which was just a large black spot. She then told me that it was hard to see anything else because my belly was full of gas…LOL…story of my life.

She then let me go empty my bladder. When I came back, I had to put my feet in the dreaded stirrups and she stuck the wand in my hoo hoo to check out my ovaries from the inside. Talk about uncomfortable! That wand did not feel good…let me tell you. But she found my ovaries and said they both looked normal. She also noticed when my bladder filled back up again. Told you I pee a lot.

Thankfully, it was over pretty quick and all the pictures looked fine. I also jokingly asked her if there was a baby in there. She said no, and I said thank goodness. Although my mom would have been overjoyed, Marcus and I aren’t ready for a little nugget yet. 😉

So in the last two weeks I have had two pelvic exams, a breast exam, a blood test, a mammogram and an ultrasound. I am super done with going to the doctor for a while. Hopefully, I won’t have to go back until January.

Sigh of relief…the appointments were kind of a pain and not too fun, but they are done and now I can move on to the fun stuff in life. And let me just say that all of my docs, lab people, technicians, appointment people and receptionists have been amazing. I got my screenings done through Fairfax Radiology and everyone I have encountered has been so nice and helpful. If anyone is in the area and wants to talk about docs or appointments, I will gladly tell you more about my experience. Just email me.

Wahoo, the countdown has begun for the beach. I can go and have fun knowing that I have healthy boobies and ovaries! 🙂

Can’t wait to get my toes in the water! Have a fab one! 😀


6 responses to “A BRCA Update

  1. Some random person

    Nice post, and very informative.

    Glad to hear everything is OK.

    Your polyuria must run in the family.

  2. Having PCOS I have been through the Ultra sounds of all types and know and understand the pain and feeling of relief of just walking out of there. So happy your vist went well. I must say it is good that you are going for the Mamogram at such a young age. I went for my first one at 42 which was last year, and what a scare when they had nothing from my younger years to put them up aganst. I had 4 weeks of redos and extra Dr.s. Now on a 6 month to 6 month check ups. Even though they say all is well they still need to keep and eye. Thanks for sharing your experiances with us. You are in insperation and such a great influance. God bless and watch over you.

  3. You are my brave Sunshine girl. I love you!

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