Homemade Turkey Burgers

Yesterday, I planned on making homemade burrito bowls with ground turkey for Marcus and ground sprouted tofu for me. But as the day progressed I just couldn’t get in the mood for the meal. I think I overloaded on black beans and veggies in my lunches this week, so I was just not feeling another meal with the same ingredients.

As I was driving home from work, I was thinking about everything I could make with ground turkey….homemade turkey burgers seemed like an obvious choice. I have made homemade turkey meatballs before, so I figured burgers were pretty similar.

I consulted my AllRecipes.com app, and found a recipe that seemed simple enough using ingredients I had at home.

I began by adding the ground turkey, onion soup mix, ground pepper, and half a cup of water to a bowl and mixing it together. For some reason, it turned into one big watery raw turkey mess. Completely unappetizing.

Before I threw it all in the garbage disposal though, I found some panko bread crumbs in the cabinet. I figured the bread crumbs could help hold my turkey disaster together enough to form a patty.

And I was right! Thank goodness. Because I hate wasting food. I made 5 turkey patties and got them going on my big skillet and in no time at all I had legit, delish turkey burgers!

I made a tofu burger for myself along with some TJ’s frozen french fries and left over grilled corn on the cob. I just wasn’t in the mood for veggies and only wanted some serious carbage. But to make it somewhat healthy, I added spinach to my tofu burger…that counts right?

Marcus loooved his turkey burgers and had two for supper. Turkey disaster turned turkey burger success!

Oh and my TJ’s now has whole wheat hamburger buns. Marcus loved them and I love Trader Joe’s.

While I was cooking, Bill played with his favorite new toy….the wine rack.

He also discovered Marcus’ roots by crawling around our Ethiopian basket. What a cutie. 😉

I’m seeing the last Harry Potter movie tonight with mom at midnight….yay!! 😀

I’m going in for my first ever mammogram tomorrow afternoon…booo. 😦

But at least I can leave work early….yay!

Haha, have a fab one! 🙂


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