Love the Char

Happy Tuesday! We have another day of delish food. I am loooving cooking in the summer. I am going to be very sad when the season ends.

Yet again, Marcus fired up the grill. I got him a pack of Applegate hotdogs from TJ’s. They are organic, humanely raised, grass fed and all beef – no fillers. These are probably the “realest” hot dogs I have seen. And I love the Applegate slogan, “Changing the meat we eat.” Now that’s a product I can stand behind.

Along with hot dogs on the grill, he also threw on some fresh corn on the cob. Nothing says summer more than corn on the cob. Love it.

While he grilled, I enjoyed some TJ’s Cabernet while preparing one of my fave veggies ever, brussels sprouts!

It’s been a while since I had tempeh, so I pan fried tempeh with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and cayenne. I then discovered that Bill likes tempeh. Momma’s little vegetarian. 🙂

Then again, he also licked some beer foam off of Marcus’ finger. So he may also be Momma’s little drunk. 😉

After 20 minutes of roasting, the brussels were done and supper was ready. Gotta love the char.

The corn tasted especially good with the char from the grill. It was the perfect summer time meal.

Time to power through the work day! Everyone stay cool out there…it’s going to be a scorcher today! 8)


2 responses to “Love the Char

  1. Looks so delish!

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