He did it. My brother, Tyler is officially a United States Marine Corps Officer.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions. Marcus and I began the day by going to mom and dad’s house so we could all drive together. Tyler’s commissioning ceremony was held at the Marine Corps Museum.

I could tell my parents were excited and nervous. Since my dad was a part of the ceremony, he wore his Navy dress blues. When mom and I saw him walk down the stairs in his uniform, I know we both got a little emotional.

Tyler carried his uniform to the museum so it wouldn’t get wrinkled. We were all feeling a little tense and anxious as we walked into the museum together. I think Marcus was the only one who was feeling calm.

Dad and Marcus set up chairs for the ceremony, while mom and I hung around to help Tyler with his uniform. When he walked out of the bathroom, I saw him in his dress uniform for the first time. The tears threatened to fall. He was so handsome that tourists stopped to stare at him.

Once Ty was dressed, mom and I went up to the mess hall to set up his gift table. Dad, Ty and Marcus hung around downstairs. After we were all set up, the ceremony began.

Ty stood right in front of us at attention, looking like a real Marine and not my little brother. As he was being sworn in, I was overcome with emotion. Here my brother was, dedicating his life to the Corps and to the country. I felt so proud of this amazing thing he was doing.

Then is was time for my parents to pin on Tyler’s bars. I knew they were both trying to keep themselves composed. I could tell mom just wanted to give him a hug. But obviously she couldn’t do that.

It was then time for Tyler to receive his first salute – from my dad. Talk about intense. Seeing both my brother and dad up there saluting each other was just surreal. It was truly a special moment to witness and a great moment for my dad and brother to have together.

After all of that, Tyler became Second Lieutenant Martin. It was amazing, emotional, powerful and exciting. It is a big deal joining the military, an even bigger deal to be an officer  – especially a Marine Corps officer.

After the ceremony we had cake and gifts. A lot of people came to watch the commissioning. Tyler had lots of support and love from people that he has gotten to know over the years.

Tyler made us all so proud. It was a great ceremony and an amazing event.

I cannot put into words how happy and proud I am. I know Tyler will make an amazing Marine. I know he will be successful and a good leader. He has a bright future ahead of him and I am so proud to be his sister.


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