Ready In A Flash

I have a confession…I’m allergic to Bill. I knew I was allergic to animals before I got him, but decided to just suck it up. He was too cute to turn down.

My allergies to animals have gotten worse as I age. Growing up, we have always had a cat or two. When I was 10, we got a German Shepherd/Huskie puppy. I never had an allergy issues with our animals when I was younger. As I got older, I gradually started having reactions to them – stuffy nose, itchy eyes. But it was tolerable. That all changed once I left for college. I guess not being around our pets full time weakened my tolerance to them.


It got really bad once I moved out of my parents’ house. I love Buster, but he makes me a snotty itchy mess.

So I knew what I was getting myself in to when I decided to take Bill home.  I figured that I could build my tolerance up and would eventually be ok. Well, these past two weeks have been interesting. I have had a permanent stuffy nose and I haven’t been able to wear my contacts all week.

It sucks but I think the little guy is worth it. He has brought so much happiness to Marcus and me, that I’ll take these terrible allergies. I am hoping that my body gets used to him soon and gives me a little peace.

Yesterday was pretty crappy allergy-wise, so when I got home from work I just wanted dinner to be done so I could relax. Hmm what to cook that’s fast but healthy?

Pasta of course!

I also wanted to add a veggie element so I whipped up a modified caprese salad. This was my first time making caprese salad at home, but I think it was amaaaaazing. Sooo simple yet so delish!

I cut a handful of grape tomatoes in half, tossed with a bunch of fresh spinach (in place of basil), and chunks of mozzarella. I drizzled it all with a little olive oil and ground sea salt and pepper.

Supper was ready in a flash! Marcus ate his pasta with organic sauce and ground turkey. I had my pasta plain with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast.

It was such a simple meal but one full of lots of good flavors and real ingredients.

Bill spent the night sleeping on my pillow, curled up behind my neck. Needless to say, the allergies are still kicking my butt this morning. But I love the little guy, so I’ll deal with it.

It’s almost 4th of July weekend! I can’t wait to get to the lake! 😀


One response to “Ready In A Flash

  1. Bill is a lucky little guy to have you and Marcus! It warms my heart knowing at least 2 of my little darlings have found wonderful homes. Thank you again! Remind Marcus, if he’d like to have his own little fur ball, we have 2 beautiful babies left! Love you! ❤

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