Monday Night

Wow…what an original title for a post. But eh, I’m recapping my Monday night, so what else do I call it? Manic Monday? Monday Madness? Magnificent Monday? Insert witty title here:

Moving on…last night, mom came over for supper and to tell me more about the FORCE conference she attended in Orlando over the weekend. She also brought Sookie over to play with Bill.

Play with is putting it nicely. In reality that wrestled each other for hours. Bill is almost double Sookie’s size…in just a week! We have a monster cat on our hands! So he had the size advantage. But Sookie has spunk and didn’t back down from her brother. They spent the whole time wrestling and chasing each other from room to room – pausing long enough to get water before starting again.

While the kitties played, Marcus grilled tofu and regular burgers. I made roasted potatoes and kale chips. I also sautéed onions and shrooms for the burgers. I ate my tofu burger bunless with Laughing Cow blue cheese (soo good).

Mom brought lots and goodies from the FORCE conference. For all those who don’t know what FORCE is, it stands for Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered. It is a national nonprofit organization devoted to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Mom and I are both BRCA 1 positive meaning we have a greatly increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer in our lifetime due to a gene mutation we inherited. Mom has gone through the steps to prevent cancer by having risk reducing surgery to have her ovaries and breasts removed.

FORCE consists of an amazing group of people all in various stages of the hereditary cancer roller coaster. Some people haven’t been tested, some have cancer, some have had surgeries to prevent cancer, some have had loved one’s die of cancer. No matter what a person’s status is, there is always someone there to give advice or just lend a listening ear. The FORCE web site is an awesome resource for all those who want to learn more about hereditary cancer risks. The Facebook page is also very active and full of support.

Mom was in Orlando for three nights and met some strong and inspirational people who were brave enough to share their stories. It sounded like an emotional but powerful weekend. I am glad she went and met women who all had similar experiences. I know this past year has been rough for her. She had some pretty nasty complications with her breast surgery. While we were all supportive of her, none of us have ever had those type of surgeries. So it was good for her to go and talk to people who could relate.

I will share deeper thoughts about my BRCA experience tomorrow, and why I don’t know if I was quite ready to attend the conference myself. Mom did bring me back lots of pink and teal goodies. I love getting presents. 🙂

After mom left with Sookie, Marcus and I watched the latest episode of True Blood. When you name your cats after a TV show, you have to watch it, right? It was weird and disturbing and awesome which is typical for True Blood.

It was a fab night – full of good food, good convo, and lots of quality time with my favorites. 😀


2 responses to “Monday Night

  1. It is always great to spend time with you!

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