Week. End.

I swear, I live for the weekend. It’s only Monday and I am ready for Friday so bad! This past weekend was one of those where I finally had time to catch up on everything. During the summer, we almost always have something going on. So it was good to be able to spend some time at home.

There was a beautiful morning at the farmer’s market…

Lots of snuggle time with little Billy Bill…

And an awesome nail-biting double header where Marcus hit another home run…

*Sigh* I love the weekend.

The only redeeming quality about today is that there was none of this mess on my morning commute…

Traffic is always better once school gets out and people go on vacation. Although it is depressing to think about all the lucky peeps who get to go to the beach while you are driving to work.

No worries though. At the end of July, this will be my view every day…

A week in Myrtle Beach cannot come soon enough.

Until then…I am living for the weekend, baby. Come onnn Friday! The lake is calling my name and the Fab 4 will be reunited again! 😀



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