Travel With Me

Want the truth? I have only traveled to one foreign country in my whole life. It was Germany and it was almost three years ago. If I could have picked any country to travel to for the first time, I would have not picked Germany. But one night I was having drinks with my girls and we started joking about meeting our friends in Germany for Oktoberfest while they were back packing across Europe. We planned it on a whim and just so happened to follow through with it. A few months later, I was in Munich having the time of my life with friends. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done, and something I wish I could do more often.

So pretend I have all the money in the world and lots of vacation time. Here is my list of the top 5 countries I want to visit in my lifetime.

1) Ethiopia

As I have mentioned before, Marcus is half Ethiopian. So of course I would love to visit the country that his family comes from. His grandparents and lots of other family members are still there. So it would be awesome to meet them and experience more of the culture. Ethiopia is full of so much history and considered one of the oldest countries in the world. I would love to just go and soak it all in.

2) Greece

This used to by my number one, but it has moved to number two. I have always wanted to visit Greece. Mama Mia anyone? When I was in college I took art history and Greek mythology classes as electives. Those were the classes I actually went to. (I skipped a lot of class in college) I am in love with all things Greek – the mythology, the architecture, the art, the white houses and blue water. There’s so much to see and learn. I feel like I would have to spend months there to see it all.

3) Spain

Spain is one of the only countries my dad doesn’t wrinkle his nose up at when I talk about where I want to visit. As a former Navy Corpsman, he has traveled everywhere and seen it all – good and bad. I think he really loved Spain. So if it gets my dad’s approval, it must be worth visiting! Aside from the amazing buildings and cathedrals, I would love to visit the beaches. They look like beach perfection. I would love to soak up the rays all day then drink vino and dance all night.

4) Italy

Talk about history and amazing buildings! I am sensing a theme here. I am telling you, those art history classes really had an effect on me. I want to see it all in person. I love history and thinking about how the world was years and years ago. To be able to see things to old and so important would just blow my mind. Plus authentic Italian food and gelato? Yesss please!

5) Switzerland

This has never been on my list but after I visited Germany, I just had to add it. When we were in Germany, we toured a castle in the Alpine foothills. The site of the foothills were amazing and breathtaking. I want to see the real deal – The Swiss Alps. All the pictures of Switzerland look to clear and fresh. The scenery looks perfect, like you can really breathe the air and drink the water. I have heard from people who visited, that the pictures don’t even do Switzerland justice. I want to see the sites for myself!

I like my list. It has a good mix of history, scenery, beaches, warm locations, and culture. Of course, I would love to go to the Caribbean and lay on a beach all day with a Pina Colada (or 7), but my must-see places are places where I can play as well as learn.

Looks like I need to plan a trip soon! What are your top 5 countries? Do you travel to play or to experience the culture?

Have a great Wednesday! 🙂


4 responses to “Travel With Me

  1. Nice list! I’ve been fortunate enough to cross off two countries on my list: Ethiopia and Egypt. I strongly suggest adding Egypt at least in your top 10. All the unbelievable historical ruins and beauty of this country will blow your mind! 🙂

    • Egypt is def in the top 10! I would LOVE to see the pyramids and museums full of ancient artifacts. You are so lucky to have been there!

  2. Some random person

    Just be careful of all the riots and Christian killings.

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