Meet Sookie and Bill

As I told you before, a new addition was coming to the Delish World house. After weeks and weeks of waiting and getting ready, it was finally time to go get our kittens. Mom was getting a kitten too. So with our cat carriers ready to go, we drove to North Carolina to pick them up.

After a few hours of driving, we made it to my mom’s BFF’s house. Excitedly, we went out to the sun room and met Momma Cat and her four babies. Little black and white balls of fur were running around everywhere. The sun room was one big kitten playground. I don’t know anyone who can turn down the cuteness of a kitten. I was in love as soon as I saw them all.

Miss Brenda introduced us to Momma Cat and explained all the kittens to us. There were three girls and one boy. Mom and I sat there and played with all the kittens, trying to find the one’s that were a good fit.

The tiniest kitten – a feisty female – was running around everywhere, making a toy out of every object in the sun room. She would stalk her siblings, climb up chairs, and jump high into the air. After a few hours of watching her play mom decided that she was the kitten for her.

While the three females played, the little gray male kind of held back. He was reserved and a little shy. So I sat on the ground and then this happened.

He walked right over to me and started licking my toes. Then he let me hold him and I fell in love. Miss Brenda said I was the first person he ever acted like that with. I knew it was meant to be.

Mom and I had our kittens and rightly named them Sookie and Bill.

Kittens named after a vampire show…it works. 😉

We had a great visit with Miss Brenda. She made us eggplant parmesan, whole wheat pasta with homemade tomato sauce, and a salad with veggies from her garden.

After visiting and playing with the kittens for a few hours, it was time to take them home. As soon as I got Bill home and out of his carrier, he ran behind a speaker in the living room. After a few minutes, he felt brave enough to come out. It took a lot of time and a lot of coaxing before he was comfortable enough to walk around the room.

When Marcus got home, he hid under the couch. But with patience, he persuaded Bill to come out and they became friends.

We’ve only had him two days, but it’s safe to say that I am obsessed. Last night, he slept on my legs while we watched a movie.

He later spent some time snoozing on my right shoulder. And even though I’m allergic, I kept a tissue in one hand and fell asleep with his little body purring next to me.

It was torture leaving him this morning. I made sure he ate breakfast and used the litter box. Then we had play time. Hopefully, he’ll explore and get more used to the house. I can’t wait to get home and see his cute little face.

I feel like I’m about to become a crazy cat lady, but I can’t help it. I think he’s the cutest cat in the world…besides his sisters of course. 😉

So get ready…Delish World is now my world of healthy living, delish food, and cute cats. 😀


7 responses to “Meet Sookie and Bill

  1. I want a kitten. I love cats so much–and love the names.

  2. Lisa, I have 2 adorable girls left that need a good home! Wonderful post, Taylor! It was so nice seeing you and my BFF again! And thank you for giving Sookie and Bill a great home! Love you! ❤

  3. I love Sookie so much! She is fearless!!!

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