Wicked Birthday

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, last night we went to Cheesecake Factory for Marcus’ nephew, Erik’s 18th birthday. I haven’t been to Cheesecake Factory since the diet makeover. It’s pretty easy to overindulge when eating out. You get the free bread, option of a fun alcoholic drink, huge entrée, followed by a delish piece of cheesecake.

So in order to not overload on the unnecessary cals, I did my research. First I checked over the menu online to make sure there were veggie options for me. When we got to the restaurant I already knew what I wanted to eat. I ended up ordering the portobello (mushroom) “burger” and a mini salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

I ate my “burger” without the top bun, cut up and mixed with all the veggies. The mushroom had a nice meaty texture and definitely tasted very burgery. Marcus had the filet mignon. I made sure to take a few of those fries off his hands. All together, it was the perfect meal. It filled me up without making me feel too full and bloated.

I passed up on the cheesecake because I am an all or nothing kinda person. I either want a legit piece of something, or none at all. I don’t do this oh, I had one bite and threw the rest away stuff. One cookie? One bite of cake? Forget it. So while the cheesecake looked slammin, I said no thanks.

Erik had a good birthday with all of us. I still can’t believe that these two are high school graduates. *tear

After we finished dinner, we walked around the mall to the Wicked exhibit. Since the show is coming to DC next month, there was all kinds of Wicked stuff on display. I had a total nerd moment when I saw it.

Seeing all the costumes and displays made me SO excited for the show. Mom bought us tickets back in like April. We are going in August for her birthday. You better believe that I am playing the Wicked station on Pandora non-stop to learn all the songs. I mean how can you watch a musical and not sing along?

Of course we had to pose with the witches! I can’t wait to see them in person!


And because I like playing with iPhone apps, here are some pics I edited using Instagram.

Flowers outside of my job…

Bald eagle in the winter…

Eagle globe and anchor silly band…

And Buster looking mental.

Happy Friday, guys! Make sure to give your Dad and hug and tell him you love him! 😀


One response to “Wicked Birthday

  1. Wonderful blog, though I am salivating looking at the food pics! LOL! The boys are so darned handsome!! I can’t wait for Wicked either!!

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