I Have No Kale Pesto

Every Monday, I sit at my desk with my notebook and make a list of what I will blog about each day. Two days a week are usually devoted to our suppers – new recipes, new food, a relaxing evening spent outside. Then I usually throw in posts about running, our family, exciting events, races, playlists, etc.

I had a supper recap planned for today. For the record, I was going to make tortellini with kale pesto. But when Marcus texted me and told me his buddy Jason was stopping by with his son Elijah, I gladly scratched dinner plans for the opportunity to visit with these guys. Jason and his wife, Sarah live in Seattle. So visits are not frequent. They should probably just move back to VA, so I can babysit Elijah. 😉

While Marcus and Jason were catching up, I was hanging with the little one. He made sure to break in all the new supplies we bought for our kitten. Apparently, kitten toys also entertain toddlers. Elijah made sure to walk around the whole house and was particularly fascinated with the spinning top on the trashcan. He also liked jumping on the couch and looking at himself in the mirror. It was so funny to see him explore a new place. It was a short but good visit. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we see them all again.

So sadly, I have no kale pesto for you. Hmm, what else do I have?

I have a weekend full of fun plans. On Saturday, Mom and I are road tripping to NC to see her friend and get our kittens. When we get home, two of these will be our’s! I am SO excited for our new pet. But also a little worried. I can just see that tiny thing getting wedged behind the fridge or under the couch. We gotta keep our eyes on it, that’s for sure.

On Sunday, we have plans to go to an outdoor shooting range for Father’s Day. I have only ever shot at in indoor range, so the outdoor range should be pretty awesome. In the outdoor range, Tyler will be able to shoot his new rifle. In our indoor range, we are limited to pistols.  

Tonight after work, we are meeting at Cheesecake Factory for Marcus’ nephew’s 18th birthday. I don’t know anyone who dislikes Cheesecake Factory. I always look forward to good food.

No kale pesto, but aren’t babies, kittens, Father’s Day plans and birthdays just as fun?

Have a fab one! 😀


One response to “I Have No Kale Pesto

  1. Ashey (York) Venable

    I will be interested to see what you eat at Cheesecake Factory that is healthy! My favs there are definitely not healthy, but they are delish!!

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