Graduation…it’s a truly special time. You’re glad to be done with school, excited about the future, and nervous about what’s to come. This weekend, Marcus’ nephews will be graduating from high school.

Marcus and I are both beyond happy for them and so proud of all that they have accomplished at their young age. We are sad that they are going away to college, but so excited for their futures.

Robert…the creative thinker. He will be leaving us for college in Florida. With a passion for music and making beats, I hope he finds his niche and creative outlet while in college.

Erik…the fashion-forward smarty. He will be going to school in Philadelphia. With dreams of starting his own clothing line, I hope he finds the resources in school to make it happen.

I know Marcus is a proud uncle.

And I am one proud “aunt.”

Congrats Robert and Erik, class of 2011. We love you guys! 😀


3 responses to “Graduation

  1. Awesome Taylor!!! I thought I had it together until I read your blog. I’m at a loss for anymore words…..

  2. I love it and I am crazy for these two!

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