Food Recap

First of all, thanks to everyone who read and commented on my post yesterday. All of the Facebook messages, comments, emails, etc. were SO appreciated. You all made me smile. 🙂

On another note, we have eaten pretty well over in the Delish World house lately.

On Tuesday, Marcus stopped at the farmer’s market by his job and bought some local, organic sausage and BBQ sauce. When he got home, he was on a mission to grill his dinner.

I took a bite to taste test, but then realized that one bite wasn’t enough. So I went ahead and ate a whole sausage. It was the most meat I have eaten since November and it was delish! I am not going back to eating meat, but I figured that local, organic, grass-fed, farm raised meat is a much better alternative to the stuff found in grocery stores.  

Marcus was quite proud of his dinner and asked if I was going to take a pic for the bloggy, so I obliged. That’s a good-looking meal right there!

Last night, we had tacos. First, I put some chicken strips in the crock pot along with water and TJ’s taco seasoning. *Mom bought me the colorful flowers. Aren’t they pretty?*

By the time I got home from work, the chicken was perfectly cooked. All I had to do after that was saute onions, warm up black beans and taco shells, and chop veggies.

I also set out cheddar cheese, plain yogurt (in place of sour cream), salsa, jalapenos, and Chipotle hot sauce.

Marcus loaded up his tacos with everything. And returned for seconds.

I created a taco salad out of mine and included crunched up taco shell, black beans, all the veggies, jalapenos, salsa, cheese, yogurt, hot sauce and taco seasoning. It was HOT, but so good!

Earlier this week, I made Averie’s vegan, raw dough balls and had two for dessert. They even got Marcus’ stamp of approval. He said, “those vegan balls you made are good.” Vegan balls…sounds good to me.

Good eats…love it. We have a jam packed weekend coming up complete with TWO graduations! Can’t wait! 😀


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