At Home Boot Camp

Lately, I have been finding it difficult to wake up at 4:30 and get to the gym. We are crazy busy these days so I think when I do finally get to sleep, I want all the sleep I can get. I am still making it to the gym in the mornings, just not as often. I’m not worried about it. I know I need to listen to my body and if my body wants two more hours of sleep, then it’s gonna get it!

But this does mean I need to get my workouts done in the evenings after work. I usually hate working out after work. But lately I haven’t minded it too much. I love working up a good sweat outdoors and still having time afterwards to cook and enjoy the last few minutes of daylight.

Yesterday, in an attempt to switch things up, I created a mini boot camp workout for Marcus and me. First, we took a three mile bike ride through the hood with a focus on hills. This got us warmed up and ready for the rest of our workout.

As soon as we got home we started the boot camp. It consisted of six exercises – mountain climbers, squats, push ups, crunches, lunges and planks.

Each exercise was done for one minute each. After one minute we moved straight to the next one with no break. After all exercises were completed we took a minute break and repeated all six again.

I specifically started with mountain climbers because I knew it would keep our heart rate up. I then mixed it up so that we weren’t working two of the same muscle groups in a row. These six exercises were simple enough on their own, but done together were no joke.

Even though the workout was short we were both sweating buckets and breathing hard by the time we were finished. We definitely pushed ourselves harder during those one minute intervals then we would have if the workout was longer.

That is why I like boot camp style workouts. You do not need to be doing something for hours in order to work up a good sweat and burn calories. This workout is also very versatile. Once these moves get old, I will sub in new ones and also add more repetitions. Boot camp style workouts are great for raising the heart rate quickly and getting a total body workout.

After we were finished, I whipped up a quick supper. I made Marcus two turkey dogs and made myself a tofu burger. We had Trader Joe’s pasta salad on the side.

Not the most veggie-fied meal, but it was finished quickly and tasted good which was what I was going for.

Have you ever tried boot camp? Do you like it? Have a fab one! 😀


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