I Love Weekends

I love weekends. I mean duh, who doesn’t? I have never heard anyone say, “I love Tuesdays.” But that’s beside the point. This weekend was great – full of friends, family, fun activities and good food.

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…the weekend began with the usual Friday night softball double-header. Marcus was out of town at a family reunion. I stayed behind to play in our games.

It was at the game that I had my only sour note of the weekend – a line drive fouled off right into my forearm and face. I was coaching third base and one of our guys fouled it off. I didn’t even have time to move out of the way. Instinctively, I threw my right arm up and blocked my face. The ball hit my arm right below my elbow and then caught my top lip.

Everyone rushed over. All I cared about was my teeth. Thankfully, they were all there although they hurt like crazy. The inside of my lip bled a little and my arm immediately doubled in size, complete with a nice tattoo of the ball’s laces.

I told everyone I was ok and to keep playing. Another one of our players ran to get ice. By the time I got home I was feeling pretty crappy. My arm was throbbing and I was a little worried that it was broken. But, with ice and motrin – both my arm and lip have started to heal. I still had a great weekend despite the nagging pain.

Saturday morning when I woke up I hit the farmer’s market for my batch of two dozen farm-raised eggs. The market was jammed with people even though I got there early. The sun was shining. The market was bright with colors and smells of homemade bread and fresh fruit.


I parked near Gadsby’s Tavern and decided to take pictures of the historical landmark made famous by George Washington.

After the farmer’s market I made my usual trip to Trader Joe’s and Bottom Dollar for groceries.

After I put away groceries and did some chores I hit the pool in our neighborhood for about 1.5 hours. I needed a little break to rest my arm and what is more relaxing than laying out by a pool and reading a good book?

Mom and I had a date to see Bridesmaids. So after the pool, I went home to get ready. Mom is the best movie date because we have the same taste in movies and she is always willing to go.

Like everyone has said, Bridesmaids is hilarious! It was laugh out loud, tears in your eyes, hold your belly funny. I would gladly pay the money to see it again.

After the movies, mom and I walked over to a nearby restaurant, Moby Dick – House of Kabaob. Mom had the chicken platter with veggies and rice. I had the veggie wrap with yogurt sauce. Both of our meals were awesome. We ate outside and people watched. I’m sure we could have stayed out there for hours. The weather was perfect.

On our way home, we stopped at Petsmart for kitten supplies. We will be going to pick up our new kitties in a few weeks. Of course we bought our kittens matching collars and beds, so when we have play dates our kittens can be stylish together.

On Sunday, Marcus had a baseball double-header. He played great as usual.

He’s such a stud. 😉 Mom and dad even came out to watch him play for a little while. It was another beautiful day – not too hot and no humidity.

I love weekends. I’m already ready for the next one! 😀


3 responses to “I Love Weekends

  1. The farmer’s market looks so colourful. The peaches look good enough to eat! Yum.

  2. Your poor arm and face! I hate I missed the morning shop with you but sure loved the movie and supper!!

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