Chicken on the Barbie

Last night, we had chicken and tempeh on the barbie. *Said with an Australian accent.* Apparently, Aussies don’t use that term. I guess it’s something we Americans made up. But for the sake of this post, I use the phrase.

I love cooking out. I love the smell of the charcoal in the grill, the sight of the flames climbing into the air. I have good memories of sitting outside with my dad on hot summer nights while he cooked our dinner on the charcoal grill.

To prepare my tempeh for grilling, I cut it into four pieces then soaked it in water for a few minutes to keep it from drying out on the grill. I then sprinkled the pieces with salt, pepper, cayenne and garlic – my standard mix.

Marcus took his defrosted chicken breast strips and seasoned them with Old Bay, cayenne, seasoning salt and Trader Joe’s 21 Season Salute.

Once the grill was ready, he got to cooking.

While the chicken and tempeh cooked on the barbie, I prepared the rest of our meal. I had originally planned on roasting potatoes and sauteing green beans. Then Jessica posted this recipe for roasted potato salad. It was as if she read my mind! So I changed my plan and made a modified version of her awesome creation.

First I set the oven to 425. Then I chopped potatoes and onions for roasting. I added it to a mixing bowl of olive oil, minced garlic, salt, pepper, cayenne and frozen green beans. After giving them a good toss, I spread it on a greased baking sheet.

I let it all cook for 15 minutes, took the pan out and gave the taters and beans a flip, then let it cook for 10 more minutes. Roasted perfection!

When the chicken was almost finished, Marcus added BBQ sauce to both sides and let it cook a few minutes longer. Tempeh doesn’t really have a cook time. I just told him to grill both sides until they got crispy.

I am not a huge fan of BBQ sauce so I went without. But next time, I will probably add some to the tempeh. I hoped that the tempeh would take on that smokey grilled flavor, but honestly it just tasted pretty much like tempeh. I couldn’t tell that it was grilled. So I will definitely need to experiment. But that’s the beauty of cooking…keep trying until you get it right.

Once the “meat” and veggies were finished, we took our plates out back to enjoy the night. Thank goodness we got a bit of a cold front because the night was actually enjoyable and not ridiculously hot, like it was earlier this week.

Marcus grabbed a beer from the 6 pack I made at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago. I have not been a fan of any of the beers. I’m not much of an ale or lager person. But this Magic Hat Wacko was on point! It’s light enough that it didn’t make me feel full, but with a nice flavor and subtle sweet finish. It’s made with beet juice so it was tinted red, which we both found cool. I told him I would get more this weekend. Also, how sweet is that bottle?! Love it!

After we ate, we sat on the patio and watched some golfers on our back yard golf course. We spent time talking about high school and funny stories. We both went to the same high school but he graduated 4 years before me, so we didn’t know each other until we were older. But we were friends a lot of the same people.

 It was fun to relax and soak in the summer night. Just what we both needed after a long work day. 🙂 And now it’s Friday! Counting down until the weekend begins. Have a fab one! 😀


2 responses to “Chicken on the Barbie

  1. It looks and sounds like a perfect night!

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