Back to the Routine

While it’s always fun to go out of town and forget about our responsibilities for a while, it also feels good to get back into the routine. After an amazing Memorial Day weekend at the lake and a rest/recovery day on Monday, I was ready to click back into my healthy ways.

Even though there was a heat advisory and a temperature that felt like 100 degrees, I still hit the track after work yesterday for a tempo run.

I was fortunate that there was a big cloud in front of the sun for most of my workout, so it was hot but not unbearable. I also need to get my body used to the heat since I am contemplating signing up for an August half marathon.

After my short run and some push ups and abs, I headed home to finish my workout. As soon as I got home, Marcus and I grabbed the bikes for a hilly 3 mile ride.

There is a long gradual hill in our neighborhood that never seems that bad until you get to it on a bike. Even running it isn’t too tough. But that hill on a bike is no joke! My quads and knees were screaming. It sure felt good to turn around and coast back down.

After working up a super sweat, it was time for supper. I began by wilting some spinach and onions for pasta.

I then cooked up some whole wheat pasta, ground turkey and warmed up some sauce . When it was all about finished, I made garlic bread using multi grain bread, Earth Balance, garlic powder and nutritional yeast broiled for 5 minutes.

I omitted the sauce on my pasta and dressed it in a little olive oil, Italian seasoning, nutritional yeast, spinach and tomatoes. Perfecto on a hot summer day!

I continued my routine by going to cycle sculpt this morning. I haven’t been in about a week because well, I’ve been lazy. So this morning’s workout was tough but just what I needed.

Gotta love a good routine! Have an awesome day! Don’t you just love that it’s already Wednesday? We need more 3 day weekends!


5 responses to “Back to the Routine

  1. You are so inspirational! I don’t know how you do it day after day! I love love love reading your blogs! Keep up the good work…maybe one day I can kick my butt to eat and exercise like you do! 🙂

  2. good stuff

  3. You go girl!

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