At the Lake

Happy Tuesday! Did everyone have a good Memorial Day Weekend? I meant to check in yesterday but our lake trip wore me out. After we got home, I spent lots of quality time on the couch watching Sex and the City and Sons of Anarchy.

But, I’m back. Even though I wish I was still at the lake. I have to tell you…I did not miss the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia – the traffic, aggressive drivers, oh and work. I definitely did not miss work!

At the lake things are a little slower, a little more relaxed.

At the lake fishing is an all day activity.

At the lake you catch your dinner, filet it and eat it.

At the lake you get lots of time with your best friend…

and lots of time with your hunny.

At the lake when it rains, you just go on the porch and drink beers and play cards with Grandma.

At the lake you are surrounded by your favorite people.

And calories are burned by dancing late into the summer night.

Life is a little better at the lake and we can’t wait to get back! 😀


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