Lake Love

Tonight, after our softball games, Marcus and I are heading down to Lake Gaston. We go every summer to visit my BFF Lu and her family. I have been going to the lake to see Lu since college. Marcus and I look forward to our lake visits all year.

The lake is different than Northern Virginia. At the lake we aren’t constantly plugged into our computers, checking our phones, watching TV, or playing Playstation. At the lake, we leave all the cell phones in our bags (no cell service anyways) and we just take the time to relax. At the lake there is no traffic. We don’t worry about work. At the lake we just chill.

I can’t wait to see Lu. We have been besties since we met at UMW. All week our texts to each other have looked like this, “Soooo excited! Can’t waaaaaait! Yaaaaaaay! I got the cutest brown wedges to bring this weekend!! OMG can it be Friday already?!!” Yes, we  use way too many letters and exclamation points when we talk to each other.

Every summer, Lu’s parents and grandma are nice enough to let all of us stay at their beautiful lake house. As soon as we get there we are showered with hugs and love.

At the lake, we do things that we can’t do at home.

We go on many many boat rides.

We jump off of boat houses.

Marcus fishes. It’s his favorite thing to do at the lake.

We dance…a lot.

We do….the scorpian?

We float in the water, get sunburned and drink a lot of adult beverages.

We wake board. Well, Lu and her bro Justin wake board. I get dragged.

Sometimes we have a little too much fun…which makes for a not so fun morning.

We spend the whole weekend laughing our butts off.

There’s man love…

and girl love.

And lots of time with some awesome ladies.

Marcus and I always have a blast when we visit the lake. We are always sad to leave and anxious to get back.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be back on Monday! 😀


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