The Hardest Workout Ever

I consider myself a pretty athletic person. More than athletic, I am determined. I hate being bad at something and I hate to fail. When my beach-loving sister suggested we go surfing when I visited her in San Diego last time, I enthusiastically jumped on board. Hmm, maybe jumping on board in stretching it…more like fall off board…repeatedly.

We began by hitting up a surf shop to rent me a wet suit and board. In the parking lot of the beach Kelly stripped down to her bathing suit and pulled her wet suit on like a pro. 15 minutes later, I had gotten this far.

Ok, this is harder than it looks I thought and I’m not even in the water yet. No biggie though. I have an inner beach bum/hippie just dying to get out. I will be a natural.

Finally after my wet suit was on, Kelly and I hit the Pacific Ocean. I was surprised by how cold it was…hence the wet suits!

She tried to explain to me what to do once we got in the water. Figuring I would catch on, we just jumped on our boards and started to paddle out. Since I am pretty comfortable on a boogie board, I figured this would be easy. Wrong! The surf board was long and bulky and impossible to maneuver. I slipped right off it about every two seconds. Surf boards do not = boogie boards.

When I finally got the hang of paddling we stopped and hung out looking for some waves. Like someone out of a movie, Kelly sat up and straddled her board, legs dangling on both sides. When I attempted this, I immediately flipped right off and got a mouth full of the Pacific. How does she make this look so easy, I thought. And why do I have literally no balance? With straining abs and sore arms, I eventually made it upright on my board. I was tired, and we didn’t even do anything yet.

Like the pro she is, Kelly found a small wave a caught it. Standing fully upright she rode it all the way in then slipped off her board and made her way back out. She made it look effortless. My attempt at standing on the board looked like this…

board in the air, Taylor under the water.

I made a few more attempts. But most of our time was spent talking while we floated on the boards. She floated. I slipped off, chugged salt water and tried to hold on for dear life.

Finally, my arms felt like noodles and my abs were on fire. I seriously have no idea how I worked my upper body so hard, but I could barely carry my board back to shore.

We met my mom back on land and she just laughed. I felt like a chump. I felt even more like a chump when I saw the long walk we had back to the parking lot. The board felt like it weighed about 100 pounds. We seriously had to stop along the way so I could rest my arms. Really?! I am fairly good at most sports…this was just ridiculous.

After returning the board and putting our clothes back on, we took a much-needed lunch break of fish tacos and beer.

Even though I was terrible at surfing, I got an awesome workout (my arms were sore for like 3 days after) and we had the perfect California day. Now that I think about it, I am also terrible at wake boarding. That too makes me feel like my arms and abs are gonna fall right off. So maybe board sports aren’t my thing.

*this is as high as I have ever gotten up on a wake board.  

But that won’t stop me from trying. What if they need extras for the Blue Crush sequel? 😉

Surf’s up! It’s almost the weekend dudes and dudettes.  😀


4 responses to “The Hardest Workout Ever

  1. I loved this! What a perfect description of such a wonderful day! I think they will sign you up for that sequel!! lol!

  2. One of my favorite days… How fun! I wish we could go again tomorrow. I also wish that Blue Crush Part 2 would come out and hire us as extras! Ha! You are such a good writer. Thanks for bringing me back to that wonderful day and bringing a huge smile to my face. :0)

  3. P.S. I LOVE the pic you added to the Blue Crush poster. Ha ha ha!!!!! Hilarious!!!

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