Race Schedule

After running the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in Sunday, I told myself that I would take a little break before running my next race. So far, I have run three races in 2011, and six since last year. I figured a needed a little breather. Also, there a not a whole lot of local races in the summer months since temps in the 100’s are not ideal for running long distances.

That being said, as soon as I got to work on Monday, I started looking for more races to sign up for. I kept my break in mind, but found about six potential races, (hopefully four definite races) to run to finish off 2011.

I think I’m a little addicted to racing. If I have all the money in the world, I would just sign up for everything. Running sometimes sucks. Training runs suck. Training in freezing cold temps and scorching hot days….sucks! But races don’t suck. Races are fun! Race weekends are my favorite. Travel, new faces, hotels, race expos, awesome places….the whole race experience is just unexplainable. The feeling and anticipation I get on race weekend is what keeps me wanting more.

I can deal with the sucky training runs and bad weather….just give me a tech tee, a medal and that race day feeling and I am a happy camper.

So yes, I will be taking a small break, but I have four definite races I want to run to finish the year. Hopefully money and time will allow me to run all four. Race registration fees, hotel reservations and gas to travel are not cheap!

Fingers crossed, my next big race will be in August for the Patrick Henry Half Marathon.

This race is in Ashland, VA. It’s a smaller race. I don’t know anything about it. The course is pretty hilly so I would definitely need to hill train. It will be hot as hell in August, but I kind of like the idea the challenge.

Next race is in September for the Crossroads 17.75K in Dumfries, VA.

This is another Marine Corps race. I love the Half and am not prepared for the Full yet, so why not the 17.75K? 1775 was the year the Marine Corps was founded. It is roughly 11 miles. It’s a trail run and the race literally starts down the street from my parents’ house! How perfect is that?!  The Marines put on a good race, so I know I will enjoy it. The only negative is that I don’t know if finishers get medals. I got to admit, I love the bling!

Up next, I want to run the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in October.

I ran this race last year and it was my favorite. It is my home turf.  Running over the Wilson Bridge into Maryland is an amazing experience. I had a great race last year and I am anxious to do it again.

Lastly, I want to run the Freedom Half Marathon in November in Norfolk, VA.

This is the first year of the race and is ran on Veteran’s Day. It is another military-themed race. The Norfolk/Va Beach area is close to my heart. And I have ran two races down there, so I would love to do it again. I am most excited for this race because the medal is out of control!

Look at that thing! I love the mermaid at the bottom. All around Norfolk and Va Beach there are mermaids in front of various local shops. Every mermaid is decorated differently. Whenever we go down there, my mom and I try to find as many mermaids as we can. We love them! I would love to have this medal!

So God willing, this is my race schedule for the rest of the year. I have a few more on the list as back-ups but these are the races that I am most passionate about.

If I run all of these races then that will be five half marathons, one 10-miler and one 17.75K in 2011. I think that would be awesome and a huge accomplishment for myself.

I like having these races in the pipeline because it keeps me motivated. I am a person who likes to have goals. So until August, I will definitely be running, getting used to the summer heat and tackling those hills. I am determined to be a better runner by August!

Anyone else out there have any fitness goals? What keeps you motivated?

Have a fab Wednesday!! 😀


7 responses to “Race Schedule

  1. Your description of race addiction describes me to a T. Every now and then I find myself running a 16- or 18-miler thinking, man, this can get old and boring fast. But there’s always a race on the horizon, and racing, as you said, never sucks. Even when it does, it’s always amazing when you cross the finish line and it seems like microseconds before you start contemplating how to attack the NEXT one.

    You also nailed it about traveling for races — there’s something completely absorbing about being away for the weekend to run in a new place. I’ve made it a personal goal to run at least a half in all fifty states (the purpose of my blog), so I have my work cut out for me. I haven’t done one in Virginia yet, but your race schedule has given me plenty of suggestions.

    Keep it up! Race away!

  2. I’m ready when you are!

  3. Your race schedule is so motivating!!!! We have a mutual friend, Brandy, who sent your blog to me! I love it!!!!! I just starting to run again after having a stress fracture in my femur (3 weeks before the Shamrock marathon!). I love reading about your running!

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