Bling Bling

It’s all about that bling baby! Another race down and another medal to add to the collection! The rain held off and it ended up being an awesome day. I am so thankful to my amazing mom who drove me around all weekend, woke up early with me and cheered her heart out all morning. I am also glad that my besty, Sam came out to support me too. Having them both around made the weekend so much more fun. Love you both!!

Race recap to come tomorrow! For now, I am resting these tired legs and counting down the hours until my man is home from Vegas!! 😀


3 responses to “Bling Bling

  1. Congrats… I like the medal and shirt…

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  3. Medals are definitely like catnip for me. The Freedom Half medal from your previous entry was insane and is by itself enough of a motivator to get me to sign up. My summer (and budget, sadly) is already pretty full, so maybe next year …

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