Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

It’s race weekend yet again. On Sunday I will be running the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon. It was the first race I ever ran one year ago. This year, it will be my fifth half marathon, but sixth race (counting the George Washington Parkway Classic.)

Not too shabby. Personally, I am quite proud of myself. I was never much of a runner. I used to just think I wasn’t good at it, or able to run very far. I didn’t need to run long distances in softball. So I just focused on being able to run bases, or run down a fly ball. Distance running was pretty scary and unattainable for me.

I never talked about it on my blog but when I was in middle school I had three knee surgeries. My knees have given me issues pretty much my whole life. But after the surgeries, I just kind of learned to live with it. I have pain, but nothing I can’t handle. But I do think I let it hold me back. Not because I wasn’t physically capable. But because I didn’t realize that I was capable. I think my mind held me back more than my knees did. So I am proud that I have been able to get over the mental and physical barrier, and really commit myself to running. I may not be the fastest person out there, but I guarantee you that I will finish every race with a huge smile on my face. I am just happy to be there.

Moving on! Tomorrow, mom and I will set out for Fredericksburg, Virginia – the home of the University of Mary Washington…my college! I love Fred and UMW. I had some of the best times there, and I also met my best friends. Every visit to Fred is fun and brings back tons of great memories. I think that’s why I love this race so much. It’s familiar and feels like home.

We will go to the race expo and pick up my bib and race goodies. I’m sure I’ll buy Sweaty Bands and t-shirts because I love buying race day souvenirs.

Then mom and I will probably just hang around Fred. It’s a cute little historical town – lots of opportunities for good pictures. I also get to see my besty, Sam because she lives in Fred. I am SOO excited to see her! 🙂

That is why I love running races. It’s more than just the race. It’s the excitement, the anticipation. The whole experience is just fun. I know once Saturday night rolls around and it’s time for bed, I will start to get nervous. It never fails. I don’t know what I’m scared of. I just always pray that on race morning that my legs are feeling good, my stomach is relaxed and that I can get into the zone. Running is so mental. So I need a good head on race day.

Hopefully, I will look like this…

and this…

And of course I will miss my best friend and best cheerleader (besides mom)…Marcus! He won’t be home from Vegas until Sunday night. He always knows exactly what to say to make me laugh and calm me down.

*these creepy George Washington masks were handed out at the race expo.

I will be soo happy to pick him up from the airport and show him my newest medal.

So wish me luck! I have my music downloaded and my clothes set out to pack. I’m ready to run! 😀


2 responses to “Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

  1. No matter the weather, it will be a wonderful weekend!

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