Viva Las Vegas

I woke up at 3:00 this morning to take Marcus to the airport. As I have mentioned, he is going to Las Vegas for the weekend for a bachelor party. And who is the lucky bachelor you may ask?

No other than Marcus’ best friend, Kim. These guys are like two peas in a pod. Unfortunately, Kim lives in California, so they don’t see each other that often. When they are together it’s a non-stop stream of fart jokes, jokes about each other, jokes about people they know, stupid quotes, quotes in funny voices….you get the idea. They will take one thing and laugh about it for like 10 minutes. They have the exact same sense of humor.

I will definitely miss Marcus while he is gone. But just like I need time with my girls, I know he needs time with his boys. Plus it’ll be fun for him to get away and have a little vacation.

So for a special dinner I bought him a New York Strip from Trader Joe’s. Whenever I buy him steak, he insists on cooking it. He won’t cook anything else, but becomes Bobby Flay when it comes to steak.

We also had teeny tiny roasted potatoes. Teeny tiny is right, because I cut my thumb open trying to slice these little nuggets.

I had tempeh for my protein, and we had sautéed asparagus and minced garlic for the green.

I am going to subject you to this pathetic sight…

Marcus overcooked his beautiful steak that he insisted on cooking himself. I had a bite and was insulted. He should leave the cooking to me. He claims it would have cooked better on a grill. I say he wasted the $11 it took to buy that steak.

So while Marcus is high rollin in Vegas, I will be enjoying some “me” time. I am equipped with chick flicks, a bottle of wine (bought because I liked the name), chocolate (TJ’s choco covered banana slices…heaven in my mouth), and vampire books. Mom calls these books her vampire porn. Apparently they are pretty racy, but super good. I am excited to get to reading. After work, I am going to go for a run, download music for my race and get started on my books. Sounds perfect!

Happy Thursday. It’s almost the weekend! Have a great day! 😀


3 responses to “Viva Las Vegas

  1. Enjoy the books!!!!!!!

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