Race Day Gear

With my fifth half marathon coming up this Sunday, I figured a post about my running gear was due. I have talked about my shoes, but never anything else. So here you go…my race day attire.

First we have the shoes. My beloved Nike Frees. I love these babies even though I realllly had to train my feet to get used to them. They are intended to mimic barefoot running and are very minimalistic for a running shoe. But breaking in shoes is a part of the game. I think when I wear these out, I will get the same shoe…just a different color. I LOVE all the colors these shoes come in. If I could justify it, I would buy like 4 pairs and just alternate them. But for the sake of my bank account, I’ll stick to one pair at a time!

Next, are the socks. Aside from the shoes, I think good socks are the most important thing to have when it comes to running longer distances. I made the mistake of wearing “cute” socks to the Shamrock Half Marathon and couldn’t walk without a limp for like 3 days. The blisters took up like half of the bottom of my feet. It was ugly. I learned my lesson and stick to my Under Armour socks any time I run. They allow my feet to breathe but also stay put so I don’t need to worry about blisters.

Then we have pants. I only run in capris – no matter if it’s 20 degrees, or 100 degrees. I have big thighs, so shorts don’t work. Capris are the perfect length and they still keep me cool. I don’t like my clothes too tight, so these have a flare at the bottom. These capris aren’t even running capris. They just comfy yoga style pants that I bought 3 years ago from Old Navy to wear on the plane when I visited Germany. I like running in them because they have pockets which is necessary for races. These are great because they don’t sag. They don’t ride up. They just stay in place.

Up next we have the sports bra. I wear this lime green one from Victoria’s Secret for every race. Again, nothing special about it. It was on sale and I bought it like a million years ago. It’s snug enough to hold me in, but flexible enough that I don’t feel restricted. My only issue is, when I sweat a lot and run for a long time, I do chafe under the boobs and along the back bra line. But this happens regardless of the sports bra. It one fo the many things runners deal with.

Onto the shirt. I don’t usually like running in the tech tees you get with every race. I think they cling awkwardly to my body. But most people think they are the bomb dot com. I guess I’m weird. Again, I don’t like my clothes too tight, so for every race I just wear a t-shirt. When I run, I sweat. So I like to have a nice cotton shirt that won’t stick to me the second I get a little sweaty.

Now we have the sweat rag. It’s just a bandana worn around my right wrist. During a race I just swipe my forehead or face with my bandana-clad arm. I usually take it off during the race and use it to wipe my mouth, nose, etc. Because let’s face it, snot, boogers and a crusty mouth are inevitable when running, especially in the cold.

Onto the headband. As y’all know, I have a headband problem. But during a race, I only wear Sweaty Bands. I buy them at the race expos. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns. They are my favorite things to buy. Sweaty Bands stay in place the whole time I’m running. They are super cute also! Which you know…is important when running races!

Lastly, we have the stuff I keep in my pockets. If I’m just doing a training run, I am not too concerned with keeping anything on me. But during a race I always have my iPhone and headphones for music. I keep the phone in my pocket. This is also convenient because Marcus usually sends me encouraging texts while I’m running. This always makes me smile and pushes me harder.

I also keep Carmax, gum and pepto tablets. Why the pepto? Well, let me just tell ya that running and race jitters really get the digestive system moving. The last thing I want to do during a race is use the porta-potty for an extended period of time. So I chow down on pepto tablets before and during the race to keep my stomach in check until I finish. Running isn’t pretty. Actually, with blisters, boogers and bowel movements…it’s pretty ugly. But, I try to make it cuter by wearing glittery headbands and pink shoes. 😉

So that’s it! I am still new to running, but I have not jumped on trend of wearing all the fancy belts, water bottles, timing devices etc. I just keep it simple. Running doesn’t have to be hard. Get out there with your running shoes on and move your legs. The rest will work itself out. Just run. That is what I am going to tell myself on Sunday. Just run, Taylor.

Hopefully, the rest will follow. 🙂


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  1. Woot, woot! Go Taylor!

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