A Day in DC

On Saturday, Marcus’ brother, Melvin asked if we wanted to go on a bike ride on Sunday. A bike ride with Melvin isn’t just a leisurely ride in the park. It’s usually an all day adventure. I love adventures, so I jumped at the chance to go. Sunday morning we met him at Gravelly Point park by National Airport. With bikes and backpacks, we set out for DC.

Our first stop…The Jefferson Memorial. I was excited to stop here because in my 10+ years of living near the city, I have never visited ol’ TJ. Ridiculous, I know.

Impressive both in size and in beauty, The Jefferson Memorial did not disappoint. But we couldn’t stay long. We had lots of sights to see. Like a cricket match…first time seeing that!

Next, we stopped at FDR’s memorial. Another memorial I have never seen. FDR’s memorial was gigantic and sprawled across acres of land. It reflected his 4 terms and his thoughts on war. It was a beautiful memorial and a terrific tribute to a great president.

After leaving FDR, we said hi to Mr. Lincoln. A memorial I have seen a lot, but one that takes my breath away every single time. I think the Lincoln Memorial is my favorite. I just love the shape and look of it.

On our way to visit Washington, we passed by the WWII Memorial and saw a ceremony honoring the anniversary of the allied victory.

Then we rode to the tallest point in DC – The Washington Monument. A structure so big that you can see it miles away. I still remember how excited I was to see it for the first time.

…a stunning view of the mall. I never get tired of this awesome city.

We then made our way to the Capitol. While we were talking about going to lunch, Marcus noticed his tire was flat. He ran over a nail. After some time spent with Google Maps, we finally found a bike shop in Capitol Hill. Only a 1.5 miles away but Marcus had to walk his bike the whole way….this included up the hill and past the Capitol. There’s a reason why that area is called, “The Hill.” Poor Marcus.

On our way to the bike shop, we stopped at Sweet Green. I was psyched at their use of local ingredients. My “Chick P” salad hit the spot.

Finally, we ran into the bike shop in a funky little neighborhood in Southeast. About 15 minutes and $18 later, Marcus had a new tire and we were on our way.

We swung by the Capitol. It was the first time I had ever seen this side. I have only seen it from the mall but this view was truly a sight to see. I was blown away by the size and intricate architecture. This view of the Capitol definitely made me appreciate the city more. I was in awe of this marvelous building and its history.

Directly across the street was the Library of Congress.

And the Supreme Court.

Where Marcus and Melvin won their case! 😉

We made our way back down the hill and ran into the Navy Memorial (a personal fave.)

And the FBI building.

This ran us right into the front of the White House. After riding around the side, we came to the back of it. I joined a huge group of people taking pictures and said “what’s up” to the Obamas.

Finally, we were ready to head back to our trucks. So we rode back towards the Jefferson Memorial, over the bridge and into Virginia.

17 miles, 5+ hours, and one flat tire later we were back. It was a great day. Touring DC by bike is the only way to go. You don’t have to worry about parking. You can speed around slow-walking tourists. And DC has bike racks everywhere so you can take time to go into museums and restaurants and have a place to lock up your bike.

Killer workout with killer sights…can’t wait to do it again! 😀


One response to “A Day in DC

  1. WOW you are a treasure I can never handle the bike ride but reading and looking at all those pics I so want to try it. Thanks for the tour. Love reading your blog it is truely inspirational.

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