The Confessional

I am not Catholic, so I have never been to confession. The closest I have been to Catholicism is when I was in college. Catholic University was in our conference, so when our men’s basketball team played them, my friends and I made t-shirts that read “Cath-o-lick my balls.” Super classy, I know.

But I digress, it’s Friday and it’s time for me to get some things off my chest (other than offensive t-shirts)…it’s confessional time!

The first one is a doozy….I currently have 13 headbands in my purse! What the heck I am going to do with 13 headbands, I do not know. But I have a serious issue with making sure that my workout clothes match my headband, hence the variety. Also, the headbands vary depending on what type of workout I am doing. I have a big head and tons of hair…a headband is 100% necessary for every workout.

This is my new water bottle. It holds almost 2 liters of water. Awesome right? Well, I am already pissed off at this bottle and I haven’t even had it 24 hours. It tipped over in my bag at the gym this morning and soaked everything. Since I can’t have it in my bag without having a soggy iPhone, I have to CARRY it. I hate having things in my hands. I’d rather just throw everything in my bag. And this my friends, is what we call a “white girl problem.”

I have to confess, when I run at the track at George Mason University after work, it makes me miss my college days. Being on campus around all the students and athletes practicing makes me want to pull a Van Wilder and spend another 10 years in undergrad. I emphasize undergrad. Grad school sucked.

I made nachos last night with homemade tortilla chips. As a part of my cheese challenge I left the cheese off mine, but added it to Marcus’. My nachos were good, but I have to confess…I miss my cheese!

I confess that I pulled over at a Buddhist temple and asked this man if I could take pictures. I then proceeded to walk all around the outside of the temple to capture these colorful beauties. Sometimes you just need to enjoy pretty things. Am I right?

This time next week, Marcus will be in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. While he is living it up, I will be preparing for and running my next half marathon. I have to confess, I am green with envy. I will be staying at a motel in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He will be staying in a suite at The Palazzo. I will be running through the streets of my old college town. He will be running the black jack tables. All I can say is, he better share his winnings. 😉

Whew! I feel SO much better now that I have confessed. I must do this more often. Wahooo…it’s almost the freakin weekend! Have a fab one! 😀


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