We’re Going to be Parents

Before everyone starts freaking out…

We’re going to be kitty parents! My mom’s BFF, Miss Brenda has a momma cat who just had four kittens. She is going to give us each one.  My mom and I are planning on driving down to North Carolina in a few weeks to go get our babies.

We are both so excited! We are already thinking of names. If we get a boy and a girl we are thinking Bill and Sookie (named after True Blood), or Kate and Wills (hello, still Royal Wedding obsessed). If we get two girls, we like Pippa and Kate. Wow, we are so cool. Haha. Personally, I think a cat named Bill would be funny. But we are going to wait and see which kittens we are drawn to once we see them.

Marcus and I realllly want a dog, but we have never owned a pet together and we both work long hours. A cat will be a good first pet, plus cats can take care of themselves pretty well.

I am excited about the kittens because they look like they are going to be black and white like their momma.

My family’s beloved cat White Sox died a few years ago, so I think it would be sweet to have a kitten that looks like him. We got White Sox when I was in second grade. He was such a feisty little thing and grew to be a disgruntled old man. But we loved him dearly and still miss him.

It’ll be fun to have a cat again. Marcus and I spent last night talking about cat toys and beds and supplies. I can’t wait to have a furry little thing to play with and snuggle with. 🙂

So I am crossing my fingers that all the kittens are healthy and stay healthy. Hopefully, we’ll be bringing home a new member of the family soon!


5 responses to “We’re Going to be Parents

  1. whew, now that my heart has re-started, congrats.

  2. Hahaha. You and mom are going to be cat parents too. Hope Buster is ready!

  3. Hurray! Kitties!

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