I’m Loving It III

It’s Friiiiday! I am SO ready for the weekend! Bring it on. Since I am in such a good mood, I decided to give y’all another “I’m Loving It” post. So here we go…

Two words….Royal Wedding. I woke up at 4:30 as usual to go to the gym. All the women in my cycle class were obsessed with the wedding, including my instructor. So we did intervals of cycling, then did boot camp style moves out in the main part of the gym in front of the TVs. I saw the whole reception while I worked out. Talk about multi-tasking!

Once I got home, I quickly showered and ate breakfast. Then I got ready for work while watching TV. I knew I was going to be late to work, but I had to see the kiss!

And it was SO worth it! I teared up and cheered like I was watching it in person. Kate is so classy and beautiful. William looked so cute and in love. I know a lot of people who were hating on all the news coverage, but I loved it. In a time where we are surrounded by so much negative news – wars in the Middle East, high gas prices, deadly tornadoes, an unstable economy – something so happy as a wedding should be celebrated. Kate and William are a beautiful couple and watching their wedding made my day.

And I can’t forget about the hats! I could write a whole post on the outrageous hats. I think the U.S. should totally adopt this tradition.

I’m also loving….

…these baby tomatoes. I eat them like candy. I went through a whole carton in like four days. They’re slightly sweet and sooo good. I used to hate tomatoes. Now, I eat them almost every day.

Loving this warm weather and softball/baseball season!

Tonight, we have a slow-pitch double-header for our co-ed league. We got rained out last week, so I am anxious and ready to play! Sunday, Marcus has a game for his baseball league. I love watching Marcus play ball. It’s going to be a great weekend!

My next half marathon is coming up in two weeks. I am LOVING it! The Marine Corps Historic Half will be my 5th half marathon, and 6th race. It will also be my one year anniversary of running races. I am SO excited…and nervous! Will the pre-race nerves ever go away?!

Lastly, I am loving Adele. I can’t get enough of her soulful voice. I adore the Adele station on Pandora. I keep it on all day at work. She’s amazing and British. I love British things today. I need to go to England. If you haven’t heard Adele, do yourself a favor and youtube her. She is one talented lady.

Time to power through this work day. Hoping it ends quickly. I am ready to have fun! Cherrio! 😀

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