Summer Time

Ok, it’s not quite Summer time yet. But with temperatures in the 80’s, insane storms and delish food…it sure feels like it.

Yesterday, the South got hammered by storms and tornadoes. Virginia lucked out. We just had scary clouds in our area. Alabama wasn’t so lucky. 😦 My heart and prayers truly goes out to all those affected by the terrible weather.

While the storm was raging outside, I was cooking in the kitchen. I kept the patio door open so I could watch for twisters. Fortunately, I didn’t see any –  just some ominous clouds.

When I think of Summer I think of certain foods – watermelon, hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob…

Is there anything more summery then peeling fresh corn and eating it hot with butter? I love it. Corn on the cob is so sweet and so simple. We have had it twice in April and I can already tell that I am going to be a corn fiend during these warm months.

To cook corn on the cob, I simply peeled and placed them in a big pot of cold water. I turned on the burner and once the water started to boil I turned the heat off and let the corn sit in the hot water. That’s it. I didn’t add anything. Didn’t time it. Just let the water do it’s thing. The corn was delish enough on its own.

Along with the corn, I sautéed some green beans with onions, mushrooms and minced garlic. I also added 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joe’s. I had never tried this seasoning before, but loooved it!

I made Marcus tilapia using my usual method (if it ain’t broke…) and made myself two eggs over-medium with a sandwich thin and feta cheese. Marcus kept eye-ballin my eggs, saying they looked, “really good.” He always wants my food, even though he was the one who requested tilapia.

But I have to admit….it did look really good. It also tasted really good! We need to buy a grill so we can grill corn on the cob and eat it outside (preferably with no tornadoes) then it will really feel like Summer!

Have a great day. Stay safe if you are in the area. More storms are hitting us today.


One response to “Summer Time

  1. Corn on the cob is my FAVORITE!

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