Happy Birthday Tyler!!

Today is my brother, Tyler’s 24th birthday. We are a year and a half apart. An age gap so small that I used to tell my mom that we could be twins. Clearly, I did not understand the whole nine months thing. I just thought that if I came a little later, or Tyler a little sooner, we would have been the same age.

Regardless, we were always close. Mom said that when he was born I was never far away from him. That when she was feeding him, I would just climb up in her lap with a book and hang out too.

I don’t ever remember being jealous of Tyler, or wishing I never had a brother. Of course we had our fights, but he was the first best friend I ever had.

We had to stick together. With parents in the military we were often times the new kids. So we relied on each other a lot.

We were always running around and playing together. On Summer days we would wake up and throw on play clothes and hit the neighborhood on our bikes. We would play hours of street hockey, baseball, basketball, and jump on our trampoline.

We did a kids triathlon together.

We dressed alike on Halloween.

Christmas was always an exciting day, no matter our age.

No matter if we were playing in our pool…

or celebrating his 21st birthday, we always had fun.

I have always been ridiculously proud of my brother and everything he did. When we were in high school and both had games at the same time, I would stand in center field and try to glance at the baseball field in between pitches. I would silently cheer whenever I heard Tyler’s name announced. When I was in college, my mom would send me newspaper articles with his name mentioned for either baseball or football. Being the proud sister I was, I would first show my friends then hang the articles and pictures on my wall or display them on my desk.

In July, he will be commissioned and be a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.

Once my playmate and now a Marine Corps Officer. It’s amazing. I just about explode with pride at all that he has accomplished.

Happy Birthday, Ty. I am lucky to be your sister! 🙂


3 responses to “Happy Birthday Tyler!!

  1. A great tribute from a great sister. And daughter.

  2. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful…just like you both<3

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