Baseball and Bikes

Last night, after Marcus and I got home from work, we quickly changed clothes, grabbed a snack and hit the road. Earlier in the day we decided to go to a baseball field near our house for practice with two of Marcus’ buddies. So we put our bat bags on our backs and took off on our bikes.

The field is through some woods and over a bridge at a local park. We can get to it in about 10 minutes with our bikes. We threw, hit, and ran around until it got dark and the field’s lights turned on. After about two hours of playing, we all decided to wrap it up.

Marcus and I rode our bikes home in the moonlight. There is no better solution to a stressful day full of annoying adult responsibilities then being able to get on your bike and play ball until the sun goes down.

Happy Friday. Go do something fun this weekend. Laugh, run and enjoy the sunshine. 😀


2 responses to “Baseball and Bikes

  1. Who is that stud! He looks like he can play some ball!

  2. It sounds like a perfect evening!!! great pictures!

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