Protein II

Back when my blog was just a baby aka 3 months ago, I wrote a post about meatless sources of protein. Since I am meat-free these days, this is an important topic for me. A lot of people wonder how those who do not eat meat get enough protein. I am writing this post to show you that there are many many meatless options out there.

So here it is…my list of MORE sources of meat-free protein.

Tempeh – I blogged about my first experience with tempeh a few days ago. Tempeh is an awesome source of protein in that it can replace the meat in a lot of dishes. Tempeh is very versatile. It can be fried, baked, toasted, and even shredded and used like ground beef. Tempeh is less processed then tofu and is made from fermented soybeans. I can’t wait to buy more and experiment with new tempeh recipes.

Whole wheat products – I only buy whole wheat pasta, bread, sandwich thins, pizza dough, and tortillas.  White flour is pretty useless. The wheat is stripped down of all its goodness, bleached white with chemicals, and the body processes it like sugar. Whole wheat products not only offer more nutritional power but also contain protein and fiber. When buying whole wheat items, I read my labels. I try to buy whole foods with a short ingredient list. It is very easy for a company to dye their food brown, and label it whole wheat. This is why reading labels is SUPER important.

Milk – Now, I don’t drink milk but it is a good source of protein so I added it to the list. I stopped drinking milk after watching Food Inc. I could not guarantee that the milk I was drinking was free of hormones and antibiotics, so I stopped drinking it. But if you do drink milk (Marcus still does), it is a good source of protein, calcium, and vitamin D. I try to buy local milk or hormone/antibiotic-free milk for Marcus.

Greek yogurt – Ok, no I don’t drink milk but I do eat yogurt. I eat Greek yogurt for the calcium and protein. Greek yogurt is deliciously creamy and a bit tart. I am completely addicted to Greek yogurt and eat either Fage, Chobani or Trader Joe’s brand. And I also make sure to check my labels because lots of companies like to add a bunch of sugar and fake ingredients in order to make it “taste better.” It’s allll about the labels. Read em.

Veggies – I think pretty much all veggies have a least some protein. Edamame is chock full of it. Edamame makes an awesome snack. I buy it frozen and bring it to work and warm it up for a few seconds. Soo good! Spinach is not super high in protein but it is a rich source of protein. Because almost half of spinach’s calories come from protein, it is one of the best veggies out there. But really…ALL veggies are good for you!

Nutritional yeast – I blogged about nutritional yeast back in February. It is one of my super food staples. It is just full of so many good things including protein. I love adding it to food for a cheesy flavor and also using it to make sauces. I KNOW it looks weird (Marcus refuses to try it), but seriously…it’s great.

On another note…I was ridic excited yesterday about my purchases from my fave little health food store, Healthway. Let’s see…we have original almond milk, chia seeds, nutritional yeast (there’s that protein for you), three bottles of kombucha (so addicting), and all natural chocolate drops (tastier then m&ms with no artificial flavors or colors). Love it!

What are some of your fave sources of meat-free protein? Have an awesome day!! 😀


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  1. Me like milk!

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