What I Love About Sundays

I love having plans, but sometimes it’s fun to have absolutely nothing to do. Yesterday, Marcus was supposed to have a baseball game for a men’s league he is playing in, but the game was cancelled because the field was too wet.

I spent all Sunday morning getting ready for the work week because I knew I wouldn’t have time to do anything if I was at his game. So when it was canceled, we had the whole afternoon free with no plans.

We started off by sitting on our patio (finally it was warm enough to use our new furniture!) And I made friends with a lady bug.

After sitting on the patio for a while and making fun of terrible golfers (our house sits on a golf course), we decided to get out some ball gear and practice.

We turn turns tossing wiffle balls to each other and hitting the balls onto the golf course. Marcus is bitter that I refuse to pitch to him because I don’t want get my face smashed by a line drive. So soft toss with wiffle balls is all he gets when we hit together.

After countless rounds of hitting, we decided to ride our bikes to the marina and throw on the big stretch of land by the water. We rode our bikes with our gloves in hand. I felt like a kid again when my days were filled with two things – riding bikes and playing ball.

The marina was beautiful as always. Kids were running around playing. People were walking their dogs. And the smell of cookouts filled the air. We slipped into the familiar rhythm of throw and catch – pop, pop, pop as the ball snapped into our gloves.

After we wore our arms out, we rode our bikes around the marina and down the bay. Osprey were perched up on tree limbs, signs, and in nests. We saw an osprey catch a fish and land on a tree right near us. Quietly, we approached him and watched him eat his dinner. Nature is awesome.

We rode through more neighborhoods and finally made our way home. Perfectly content, I then settled onto the couch and took a nap while watching Anchorman. While were both disappointed that he didn’t get to play his game, it was the perfect Sunday afternoon. It doesn’t get much better then that. 🙂


3 responses to “What I Love About Sundays

  1. I love the pics and I am glad you two got to relax and do something fun together! It looks like a wonderful day! It warms my heart to know you appreciate each moment<3

  2. Marcus can’t hit, pitch to him.

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