Picture Perfect Day

Although the temps have dropped again here in VA (fickle Spring!), Mom and I still had an awesome, sunny Saturday morning in Old Town.

We had plans for our usual routine – eagle watching, farmer’s market, and Trader Joe’s. We were successful on all fronts. We saw four nests with eagles hanging out in three of them. Little baby eagles will probably be hatching soon so we need to keep our eyes peeled for more nest activity. Unfortunately, all of the nests are really high up and pretty far from the road. Good for the eagles and their safety, bad for picture-taking.

The farmer’s market was bustling with activity. The sun was shining and flowers were blooming everywhere. I bought fresh butter lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, and cage-free eggs.

After we made our purchases, we decided to wander down to the waterfront and take pics along the way.

People and tourists were everywhere enjoying the gorgeous morning. The waterfront looked like something from a painting. The blue sky and brightly colored boats were the perfect backdrop for lots of pictures.

I attempted to talk to the ducks and make friends. They came towards me until they saw I had no food for them, and then swam away. I guess I am no duck whisperer.

Then we did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. It was awesome…as usual. I spent too much money on delish food…as usual.

After I put the groceries away, Marcus and I went to the rents’ house so we could hit the range with Dad. I was a little off my shooting game. It’s been a few weeks since my last visit. I shot ok, good enough to defend myself…but I was more accurate last time. But, practice makes perfect. Going to the range with Dad is always a good time.

Marcus and I ended the day by throwing the baseball around in our neighborhood, down by the water. We saw 5 blue heron fly by overhead, making their way around the marina and into the bay for their fish dinner. My cute osprey friend sat in his tree on the golf course. As we were throwing, I could feel both of us ease into a sense of comfort as we got into the zone. Something about playing ball and being outside does that to both of us – mucho endorphins released. It was the perfect, picturesque ending to a gorgeous day. 😀


2 responses to “Picture Perfect Day

  1. Sounds like an awesome day! Spring in Virginia seems like it would be amazing with all the flowering trees. Happy Monday-I always look so forward to reading your blog when I get to work:)

  2. I love this!!

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